5 Despicable Right-Wing Moments this Week You Might Not Have Heard About

The Right Wing

1. Fox Newsian:  American schools teaching multi-culturalism is why ISIS is so good at recruiting.

The only thing “Outnumbered” on Fox’s “Outnumbered” is sanity, which appears to have plain old vacated the building. On Thursday, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy connected two seemingly unconnectable dots: American schools teaching and embracing diversity and the self-proclaimed Islamic State’s success at recruiting foreign fighters. And by connecting, we mean blaming the first thing for the second.

Campos-Duffy’s made this absurd connection while commenting on a story about FBI agents and local police warning U.S. high schoolers against joining ISIS. According to the report, ISIS recruitment videos have become increasingly sophisticated at manipulating young minds.

Apparently, the reason young minds are susceptible to this manipulation is that we no longer teach kids that America never does anything wrong, that it is exceptional and that it's our way or the highway. How horrible. We need to start re-brainwashing these kids immediately, especially the immigrant ones. Or as Campos-Duffy so eloquently puts it:

“I think that what’s happening is that, you know, think about, there’s not very much assimilation, and then once kids go to school, we have removed any kind of positive celebration of our culture, of our founders. And so there’s this vacuum. […] These kids from elementary to secondary to college… they’re buying into this multicultural “we’re the imperialists, we’re the bad guys,” and so we have created a system that doesn’t reinforce and make people feel like they belong to this country."

Campos-Duffy may have taken her lead from GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson who similarly claimed that students who take AP U.S. history classes are “ready to go sign up for ISIS” because Americans are “crucifying ourselves” and stressing “how evil we are.” 

To sum up: Receiving an education that leads you to question things is obviously the first step to signing up for a rigidly authoritarian group that tolerates no diversity in thought or appearance. 


2. The Kansas Legislature: Poor people need to have harder lives, so let’s limit their cash withdrawals.

The Kansas legislature has figured out a way to lather on more shame, hardship and humiliation to poor people’s lives. This week, the legislature voted to limit the size of withdrawals that welfare recipients can make from their own bank accounts. Beginning in July, the maximum ATM withdrawal per day will be $25.

So, no government over-reach there.

All sensible people realize that this will end up costing the poor even more money, since having to make more frequent but smaller withdrawals will incur fees, as well as travel expenses for multiple trips to the bank. As Crooks and Liars puts it:

"It's hard to overstate the significance of this action. Many households without enough money to maintain a minimum balance in a conventional checking account will pay their rent and their utility bills in cash. A single mother with two children seeking to withdraw just $200 in cash could incur $30 or more in fees, which is a big chunk of the roughly $400 such a family would receive under the program in Kansas."

There's also the fact that most ATMs don't dispense $5 bills, so the limit is in effect $20. Let's all try that, shall we. Withdrawing just $20 and paying our bills with that. 

In Kansas, it' a Sam Brownback world; all those poor people are merely trapped in it.

3. Glenn Beck: President Obama’s not demilitarizing the police; he’s plotting to burn our cities down with the help of  liberal groups.

Well, loony-old Glenn Beck got it half right. President Obama’s executive order this week depriving local police forces of tanks, grenade launchers, bayonets and 50 caliber weapons did not go nearly far enough.

“We’re worried about the M-16s, and the flash grenades that you can just throw in, the Humvees,” Beck said. “They’ll still get all the stuff that they have. Just no tanks.”

“Could we also throw in there that they shouldn’t have nuclear weapons,” he quipped.

Good one, Glenn.

But the real worry is that Commandante Obama is also setting up more federal oversight of local police forces. And that is very ominous indeed when you are Glenn Beck and you believe in things like the Jade Helm Conspiracy, for starters.

“This is a show by the president,” Beck frothed. “He’s taking more control. Expect to see more protests continue. Expect to see more of the usual suspects. Expect sometime between now and I don't when, these groups (New Black Panthers, MoveOn.org, Code Pink, Colour of Change) will be setting our cities on fire. Getting us to tear each other apart. Getting us to cry out, Somebody’s gonna have to do it. The president will be happy to do it with centralized control of police and a national police force.”

There it is, ladies and gentleman. It’s not just Texas that the federal government is planning to invade and take over. It’s the whole dang country.

4. Fox Business guy, Charles Gasparino: Men have become women, and that’s, you guessed it, liberals’ fault.

On Fox’s Outnumbered, this week, the outnumbered man, Fox’s own Charles Gasparino sat in the hot seat, and was asked to respond to a new study revealing that men look at their own reflections far more than women do. It seems that the “stronger” sex is also the vainer sex. Apparently, men look at their reflection an average of 23 times a day, compared to women who check themselves out 16 times per day. Men and women also differ in their motivation for their frequent self regard.  Whereas, women are generally making sure nothing is out of place, men report checking themselves out just to gaze admiringly at their favorite body part. Guns, legs, smile, hair. In that order.

So, vanity, thy name is . . . man?

After admiring his own guns, Gasparino had a perfectly logical explanation for this surge in male vanity. Liberals!

“There’s a serious answer to this,” Gasparino said. He needed to inject a note of seriousness with all those cackling female co-hosts. “Men have been feminized over the last 20 years. The attacks on the male persona that we’re too macho, that we’re too hormone driven, the overt feminization of our culture has created a situation where men have become women.”

Wait! Has the Rock heard? He’s going to be pissed.

5. Pat Robertson has an excellent idea for treating eating disorders.

Anorexics everywhere will be relieved to learn that TV evangelical Pat Robertson has weighed in on the subject of eating disorders. In his professional medical opinion it’s the devil making people starve themselves.

Phew, and here we were worried that eating disorders were hard to treat. After a brief discussion about Karen Carpenter, her nice singing voice, and the fact that she starved herself to death, Robertson offered this helpful perspective: “This can be treated as a demonic possession thing,” Robertson said. “It is like a demon and it needs to be rebuked and cast out.”

There you go. Rebuke, cast out, repeat.

He continued: “It’s not something you can just pat ‘em on the back and say ‘well, hey hey, why don’t you eat? I’ve got you a nice steak.'”

Hey, hey, no. That doesn’t work at all. Casting the devil out. Now, that works, every time.

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