He Wants to Boost Military Spending? 5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Rand Paul

1.) He Wants to Boost Military Spending: The Kentucky Senator appealed to many antiwar citizens by questioning his party's commitment to perpetual regime change, but he has pulled back on this view. Last month, Paul introduced a budget amendment that would add $76.5 billion to defense spending. This reversal put him in line with Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who has called for similar Pentagon increases. Paul's proposal actually adds up to an almost $190 billion addition over the next two years. How does Paul propose offsetting the increased cost? With $212 billion in cuts to things like climate change research, the EPA, and departments of Housing and Urban Development, Commerce and Education.

2.) He's Become a Staunch Supporter of Israel: After occasionally touching the third rail of US political discourse, Paul has stopped saying things that will potentially upset pro-Israel voters. Additionally, Paul has produced an Orwellian-titled pro-Israel bill: The Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid Act of 2015. The bill would cut funding to Palestine unless they stop seeking recognition at the International Criminal Court. Paul's also responsible for the Stand With Israel Act, a piece of legislation that would also cut financial aid. As for cutting aid to Israel, the country that takes the most in taxpayer money, Paul has assured citizens that his stance on foreign aid is specifically inconsistent: "I've never said oh my goodness! Let's target aid to Israel…I said you know what, to get to an ultimate goal maybe we should start by eliminating aid to countries that hate us, countries that burn our flag. I've been very up front to acknowledge that Israel isn't one of the countries. Israel is our friend. I have never had a bill that had Israel's name in it to eliminate aid to Israel."

3.) He Wants to Take From the Poor and Give to the Wealthy: Paul shares his economic ideas with many other Republicans. He wants to eliminate capital gains taxes, hack away at what's left of our safety net, and establish a "flat tax." As Matt Bruenig writes, "Like most conservatives, liberarians especially, Paul is of the mind that our country's current set of economic institutions distribute too much to the poor and not enough to the rich. Nevermind that the poor in the US are among the poorest in the developed world (in both absolute and relative terms). Nevermind that the rich in the US are the richest in the developed world (in both absolute and relative terms). Nevermind that the US has one of the highest levels of inequality in the developed world. Things are still not quite inegalitarian enough for Paul's tastes."

4.) Paul is "Not Sure Anybody Exactly Knows Why the Climate is Changing." And that is not his only anti-science view.

5.) Anti-worker: The National Right to Work Committe has already given Paul $20,000 this election cycle, impressed by his anti-worker, union-busting legislation. The presidential candidate has also argued that workers don't contribute to their own pensions and the Post Office is failing because of unions.


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