Conservative Whines About Minority 'Female Privilege' After Rapper Azealia Banks Sends Him Nude Pic

A conservative blogger claims he has been “sexually harassed” by contentious rapper Azealia Banks because she sent him a photo of her genitals.

Matt Walsh, a writer at Glenn Beck’s website, was so upset by the experience he went on to write a 20-plus paragraph screed decrying “female privilege” and urging liberal “minority” women to “check their privilege” in arguments with conservative, white, heterosexual men like himself.

Banks, who is no stranger to online shouting matches, having famously quarreled on Twitter with everyone from former Wilhelmina model and white rapper Iggy Azalea to faded R&B chanteuse Erykah Badu and gossip blogger Perez Hilton, aroused conservative ire when she appeared in Playboy magazine this month and made several controversial statements.

“I hate everything about this country,” Banks told Playboy. “Like, I hate fat white Americans…All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms…Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma — that’s really America.”

Walsh was one of the many conservative commenters up in arms about the remarks, writing a blog post titled “Dear Azealia BanksPlease Feel Free To Leave America And Never Return” in which he offered to personally buy Banks a ticket to leave the country.

“It goes without saying of course that if your skin complexion were a few shades lighter, and your venom aimed at skin complexions a few shades darker, your comments would be headline news, there would be boycotts all over the country, and you’d be forced to apologize amid a sea of death threats,” wrote Walsh.

“This country made you rich,” he fumed, “it protects your right to say even the most idiotic of things, and as a young black woman, if anyone breathes even the slightest suggestion of a thought that might be perceived as insulting to you, they will be condemned, silenced, and publicly flogged.”

However, he said, “I don’t want you to be punished for your hatred the way any white person would be punished for the same. You have free speech, which is a patently American sort of thing. A thing codified into law by white guys.”

Banks responded by tweeting Walsh a photo of her vagina with the caption, “If you guys look closely enough you can see the future.”

Now, Walsh is in high dudgeon, complaining that Banks is bullying him by doing things that would be considered beyond the pale if they were done by a white man.

Liberal women like Banks, he pointed out, are granted a set of free passes by the culture at large that gives them the upper hand when arguing with someone like himself.

“They whine about ‘privilege,’” he wrote, “but they have just claimed the most profound privilege of all. They have invented a moral get out of jail free card, and they get to play it as many times as they want.”

“And the privilege for liberal women extends beyond mere words. If a man sends unwanted pictures of his privates to women, he’s a creep, a deviant, and possibly a sexual harasser,” said Walsh.

“Female privilege is profound, but specific,” he said, warning that “[i]t’s also an extreme hazard.”

“Liberals, particularly liberal women, are operating in a void without any standards of basic decency. They know society will allow them to say or do whatever, so there is a much greater temptation to descend into downright barbarism,” he wrote.

He concluded, “So these last few days have taught me what I already know: that the rules don’t apply to liberals, and even less to liberal women, and even less to liberal minority women. They indeed have the unmitigated privilege to speak with hate and act without self-control, but maybe, in the end, that’s not much of a privilege at all.”


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