NYPD Cop Throws Man to the Ground After Spotting Him Doing Ellen Degeneres’ 'Dance Dare’

An online “prankster” was berated and thrown to the ground by New York City police while participating in one of talk show host Ellen Degeneres’ “dance dares,” the Free Thought Project reported.

The victim, who identifies himself as Alexander BOK, posted footage on his YouTube channel of the encounter, which shows several officers crowding around BOK, with one asking him, “Are you f*cking kidding me, bro? Are you a f*cking a*shole?”

BOK explains in another video that he approached the officer from behind as part of a “dance dare” Degeneres made to her viewers earlier this month.

“I challenge the viewers to sneak up behind perfect strangers, to dance behind them without them knowing it,” Degeneres said on her show. Previous“dance dares” have featured pregnant viewers, as well as viewers dancing at the Golden Gate Bridge and in front of JCPenney stores, among other settings.

BOK subsequently shot footage of himself dancing behind strangers inside Grand Central Station. In one scene, he dances behind a pair of officers without being caught, seemingly without incident.


But when he approaches the other officer from behind a police vehicle, the encounter quickly escalates. The officer approaches him and asks, “What’s wrong with you, bro?” as two more officers immediately join him. The officer backs BOK into the vehicle and places his hand on his chest. BOK is turned around and seemingly frisked.

At that point, a message appears on the screen saying, “After explaining what we were doing they kept going, insulting me … After endless attempts, realizing they cannot arrest me… they threw me on the ground.”

The officer is then seen behind BOK, telling him, “Take a f*cking walk” before throwing him to the ground, causing his microphone to cut out.

Tension between the NYPD and residents has increased since a grand jury decided not to indict one officer, Daniel Pantaleo, in connection with the death of Eric Garner this past July.

Garner’s death was ruled a homicide by chokehold by the medical examiner’s office. More recently, police have criticized and protested against Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying he had taken the side of the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations, which have accused police of using excessive force.


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