10 Weirdest, Most Fascinating Sex Stories

Can humans pull off lifelong monogamy? (Hint: it doesn't look good.) What country has the most sexually satisfied populace? Why were Victorians so weird about sex? Articles published on AlterNet in a single year addressed these and other essential questions about sex, love and relationships. Here is a roundup of our most interesting sex stories. (On New Year's, we'll reveal the five most popular sex stories of the year.)

1. Life-Long Sexual Monogamy Just Isn't NaturalMark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson, Cleis PressDoes lifelong monogamy make sense now that humans are living longer than ever? Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson explore the rise in "designer relationships," among couples who are crafting love lives that suit their needs and desires.  

2. The 12 Most Sexually Satisfied CountriesJodie Gummow, AlterNetWe sifted through sexual satifisfaction studies from around the globe to determine who is happiest with their sex lives. Unsurprisingly, countries with the highest rates of sexual satisfication are socially liberal and have more relaxed attitudes toward sex. 

3. 9 Coolest Things About Female SexualityAnna Pulley, AlterNetFrom multiple orgasms to self-cleaning genitals, there are some perks to female sexuality, despite all the slut-shaming women have to endure. 

4. Open Relationships Reduce Jealousy? 12 Surprising Facts About Non-Monogamy, Zhana Vrangalova, AlterNetThe latest research on open relationships may surprise you. 

5. The Best Sex Tips You’ll Ever Hear, From a Man With No PenisTracy Clark-Flory, Salon. Great sex is about more than penetration. 

6. Orgasm Contests? 15 Most Bizarre Sex Tips from the Victorian EraAnna Pulley, AlterNetOur ancestors had some strange ideas about sexuality. 

7. Why Heterosexuality Didn't Really Exist Until the 19th CenturyThomas Rogers, Salon. A lot of what we think we know about heterosexuality is totally off. 

8. What's the Best Natural Sexual Lubricant? Jill Richardson, AlterNetYou can drop that K-Y Jelly. 

9. What Men Raised on Porn Really Need to Know About Pleasing a WomanJill Hamilton, AlterNet. Here are some important lessons for a generation raised on porn.

10. 6 Weird Consequences of SexApril DeCosta, AlterNet. Love hurts. And sometimes it scars, wounds, or gets really weird.


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