11 Frightfully Delicious Marijuana Strains to Go With Your Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween is upon us again, and thanks to the seemingly unstoppable momentum of the marijuana legalization movement, more Americans than ever will be celebrating this holiday as our founding fathers doubtless intended: legally stoned.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news. If you believe the claims of the Denver Police Department, if you go trick or treating in Denver or Washington this year you’re likely to get pot-laced candy in your bowl…because people just love to give their stash away to complete strangers. Despite the fact that there there is only one documented case of this happening—a total accident that took place 14 years agogullible media outlets have endlessly parroted the claim, probably increasing the likelihood of some lone nut doing it for attention.

With such nonsense threatening to harsh our buzz this Halloween, it’s time to strike back. So get ready, fellow stoners: Here are the 10 most desirable Halloween-themed marijuana strains for 2014. We’ve paired each one with a scary movie, so why not grab a bowl of Count Chocula and fire up the DVD player? It’s about to get scary in here…

1. Frankenstein

According to MJ Spectator [the self-styled “insider’s guide to medical cannabis”] Frankenstein’s name is indicative of its effects. This hybrid is 80% Indica, has a “sweet and fruity” smell, and thanks to that high Indica content is somewhat likely to put users in a “zombie-like state.” When used medicinally it’s recommended for pain management and anxiety issues. It might be best paired with Hammer Films’ final Frankenstein movie, the gruesome Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell (1974), which features a bizarre shaggy-haired Frankenstein’s monster and more brain transplants and eye-gougings than you can shake a dismembered limb at.


2. Michael Myers OG

No, we’re not talking about the lovable comedian behind Austin Powers and The Love Guru. This strong, heady Indica with a distinctive “piney aroma” and “dank taste” is named in honor of the other Mike Myers—the knife-wielding killing machine from the Halloweenmovies (well, all of them except part 3). Some users report that this “killer” strain will keep you locked to the couch for hours…a perfect excuse to revisit the original and best of the Halloween movies. (And no, we don’t mean the Rob Zombie remake, you philistine!)


3. Hellraiser OG

With a pleasant “woody” aroma, the Sativa-heavy Hellraiser OG has been causing quite a stir among weed aficionados, winning first place in the “concentrates” category of the 2014 High Times San Francisco Cannabis Cup. Since it’s a mostly-sativa strain, the high is energetic and heady. Of course with a name like Hellraiser there’s only one movie that could possibly accompany it. So get ready to spend a few hours in the company of Pinhead and co, in Clive Barker’s 1987 cult classic. Just watch that you don’t end up with your soul torn apart. That really hurts.


4. Jack the Ripper

As we all know, Jack the Ripper stalked London’s East End in the late 1800s, doing very nasty things to the unfortunate women he caught. The fact that he was never identified has added to his dark mystique over the years, and having inspired songsbooks andmovies, Jack the Ripper now has a strain of marijuana named in his “honor.” Boasting an “incredible lemon, mango, piney” aroma, this energizing and “trippy” strain, reviews warn, is not to be toyed with. “Once you’re there,” one reviewer says, “you’re not coming back for a couple of hours.” But what better way to spend those lost hours than in the company of legendary cinematic madman Klaus Kinskidoing an unforgettable turn as the East End’s favorite boogeyman, in Jess Franco’s 1976 epic?


5. Dr. Jekyll

Ah, poor old Dr. Jekyll. All he wanted to do was delve deeper into mankind’s dark side in an effort to eradicate evil, but he instead ended up with the ultimate split personality. Thankfully there are no reports of similar effects from this Spanish-produced Sativa-dominant strain, whose “pine and sandalwood” aroma, and “fruity” taste has won it many fans stateside. Grow-marijuana.com recommends Dr. Jekyll to those looking for a “daytime smoke,” due to its bright, mentally stimulating effects. While there are many classic screen adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, those looking for something a little bit different will surely appreciate Hammer Films’ bizarre variation on the split personality theme, Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971), in which the good doctor transforms into—you’ve guessed it—a beautiful-but-psychotic woman.


6. White Zombie

Named after what many consider to be the first Hollywood zombie movie, Bela Lugosi’s voodoo potboiler from 1931, White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain, noted for its “euphoric and relaxing effects.” Reviewers note that since it’s a mostly Indica strain, it’s best smokedprior to hitting the hay. But before you nod off, be sure to check out the granddaddy of the modern zombie flick, George Romero’s 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead. “They’re coming to get you, Barbara…”


7. Madman OG

Despite the name, MJ Spectator reports that Madman OG leaves users “feeling happy and uplifted, enjoying things that even a child would like.” A cross between OG Kush and LA Confidential, Madman has a smell described as “similar to coffee and dark clean potting soil” and “a strong almost trippy, head and body stone.” We’re not sure if it was named in tribute to the cult ‘80s slasher flick Madman, but either way, what a great excuse to revisit this classic slick of VHS-era schlock, in which “Madman Marz” slices and dices a bunch of kids at a sleepaway camp. An original concept, I know.


8. Voodoo

This hybrid strain is described as being unique-looking: “a kaleidoscope of colors including pinks & purples and oranges and yellow”according to one reviewer, who goes on to note that the effects are “strong and euphoric. A deep warmth starts in your belly and continues throughout your body.” And what better way to turn that deep warmth into the chill of fear than checking out Wes Craven’s freaky voodoo classic, The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)? Serpent is a classic of the voodoo-horror subgenre, in which Bill Pullman goes to Haiti to investigate rumors of a drug that can induce a zombie-like state in its users and winds up pissing off a local witch doctor. The results, as you might imagine, are pretty horrific…


9. Ogre

A 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid, Ogre is famous for its prominent crystals, which give it a distinctive “frosty” look. It’s a favorite with those looking for relief from “stress, anxiety, and insomnia.” Described by one reviewer as “the ultimate way to end the night in a deep, stoney trance,” Ogre is well suited to a night in with the 1986 Italian horror flick Demons 3: The Ogre—a movie so inept that it can only truly be enjoyed while under the influence of a strain of marijuana described as, “as heavy as it gets.”  This piece of straight-to-video junk is a sequel to the vastly superior Demons movies in name-only: An opportunistic American distributer decided to rename it in the vague hopes of tricking horror fans into seeing this stinker. Still, if your idea of fun is getting stoned and laughing at a movie whose main monster turns out to be some hairy Italian fellow in a rubber mask, then a night in with The Ogre might just be for you…


10. Devil

This Afghan skunk’s satanic name belies an Indica that supposedly, “take[s] you on a magical mind journey that can be wonderfully therapeutic and uplifting” according to a reviewer at Kindgreenbuds.com. The same reviewer adds that Devil has an aroma similar to “an apple orchard.” Meanwhile an anonymous reviewer over at Cannabissearch.com claims that once you take a hit of Devil, you “enter into a trippy world where boundaries change. Her deep-red Afghani taste and buzz will bring your mind and body into harmonic convergence.”

Although I didn’t enter another world when I tried this potent strain, I did get an insatiable craving for Captain Crunch, and finished off the box. Thanks to its name, when the wife got mad, I was able to tell her, “The devil made me do it.”

There’s no shortage of Satanic movies to accompany your night in with the Devil. But let’s skip the obvious ones like The Exorcist and The Omen, and opt instead for an obscure ‘70s Florida-shot cheapie called Satan’s Children. This obscure exploitation flick artfully blends Satanism, homosexual rape and death-by-anthill, resulting in one of the strangest drive-in movies of all time.


11. Alien OG

Alien OG is one of the strongest tested strains ever—containing a staggering 28% THC—and is fast becoming a favorite of dedicated West Coast stoners. Users warn that it “literally knocks you off your feet,” and “is not for the faint of heart,” but of course such warnings only add to its hot word-of-mouth reputation. Delivering a “body and mind high that will strike you forcefully and quickly,” Alien OG isnot recommended for consumption if you are planning on actually getting anything done for the next few hours. While plastered to your sofa, why not fry what is left of your brain by watching Alien 2: On Earth (1980), the so-bad-it’s-hypnotic Italian unofficial sequel to the 1978 classic Alien, in which a group of spelunkers are set upon by rubber monsters. Beating James Cameron to the punch by six years, Alien 2 literally has to be seen to be believed…



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