Classy Sarah Palin Clan Reportedly Involved in Crazy Fist-Fight at Birthday Party

Members of Sarah Palin’s family were reportedly involved in a no-holds-barred fist-fight at a snowmobile party this weekend, according to, an Alaskan political blog.

Reportedly, several members of the Palin family attended the event on September 6, where things got out of hand very quickly. Police later confirmed to the Alaska Disptach News that the Palin family were indeed in attendance but said nothing about their involvement.

A neighbor, Charles Fyer, who attended the party told the Dispatch News that it was a "basically peaceable" party until 11 p.m., when he heard a commotion and saw dog pile "like you see in a football game" on the front lawn. Fryer said that Palins were in attendance, but did not say who was involved in the fight.

But according to blogger Amanda Coyne — who covers Alaska politics on her eponymous blog — the Palins arrived at the outdoor party in a stretch Hummer limousine, and were reportedly were there to celebrate Todd’s 50th birthday. But things soon got out of hand after Track Palin stumbled out of the Hummer and confronted Willow Palin’s former boyfriend, Conner Cleary.

Screams erupted. Profanities spewed. Fists flew. The Anchorage Police Department was called. The APD released a statement on Thursday, confirming that multiple people were involved in the fight. “However, at the time of the incident, none of the involved parties wanted to press charges and no arrests were made. However, the case is still an active investigation and is being reviewed by APD and the Municipal Prosecutors Office. Alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the incident. Some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party,” the statement said.

Coyne says that Conner Cleary and Track fought in the yard and soon their fathers joined into the fray, with Todd allegedly choking Conner’s father at one point.  After the this tussle broke up, the Cleary family were almost involved in another altercation with Bristol and Willow Palin, until the homeowner, Korey Klingenmeyer, asked the Palin clan to leave.

In response to the request, Bristol “stood straight up, brought her arm back and cold-cocked him right in the face,” according to a witness. Bristol continued to throw punches at Klingenmeyer, until he pushed her away, according to Coyne.

While this was happening, the matronly Sarah began to scream profanities to those in attendance and was “crawling on top of people” trying to join in the battle.

Eventually, the situation settled down and the Palins were again asked to leave the party, but not until Track, shirt removed, allegedly stood on the front lawn and waved his middle finger toward the house.

“It was a really nice, mellow party,” one of the partygoers told Coyne. “Then it turned into the Jerry Springer show.”

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