8 Creative, Unpredictable Ways People Are Enjoying Marijuana

Today, Americans who use pot live in fear of prison or worse for accessing an alternative medicine that is often more effective than pharmaceutical prescriptions—or just choosing to enjoy a drug that's safer, mellower and far less addictive than alcohol. So, they're forced to toke in secret; but it is no secret that Americans love pot. The drug is the third most popular substance in the country, coming in not-to-far behind alcohol and tobacco. And yet, it remains federally illegal. Despite legalization in Washington, Colorado and other states on the way, U.S.marijuana policy has a long way to go. Pot arrests are still incredibly high, with over 750,000 recorded in 2012 across the country, and marijuana arrest rates tripling between 1991 and today. 

While arrest rates and crackdowns rage on, it has not deterred determined stoners from lighting up. On the contrary, pot use has only increased since the Nixon-era war on drugs began—and it's gotten more and more creative. Variety is the name of the game these days, with clever toking contraptions ranging from old-fashioned joints (which are much stronger than they were in the hippie days, mind you); to smoking from apples and other, more tropical, fruits; to eating some popcorn marinated in THC butter. People all over are sucking it up as vapor, swallowing it as a pill and freshening their breath with marijuana-laced-breath-mints. The fun thing about the myriad of ways to take your marijuana is the fact that each one tends to provide a different kind of high and new experience.

On Erowid.org—an online resource dedicated to drugs—users share their experiences on message boards dubbed the “Experience Vaults." The vaults contain stories from drug explorers, ranging from a first-time acid trip to a crack addiction story. And it also happens to contain some of the most diverse pot stories using some of the most diverse methods of intake.

Here are 5 creative ways people have tried marijuana and reported a fun experience, as described by members of the Erowid community:

1. Sometimes, leaving things to gravity is all you really need. This person used an empty Arrowhead water bottle as a gravity bong (see the video below) and reported an intense yet overall enjoyable experience. It was their second time ever trying pot. 

From Erowid:

“All until one time when I decided to focus more on my high instead of people around me. This was amazing. I set my mind into a positive state repeating 'I am in complete control of my high, and I can affect it in any way.' Suddenly I felt my body explode just like my second high experience. It was like smoking out for the first time all over again. I read about people on acid trips and how they imagine their body shrinking and expanding. Immediately after thinking about this, I felt tingling on the very top of my head. The tingling then turned into an intense vibrating. I touched the top of my head and then all of a sudden my body felt like a sword was splitting my body in half starting from the top. This was very cool, as it felt my body was split perfectly in half, and separated by about 6 inches of empty space. After my body 'melted' back together, I wondered if I could distort myself in any other way.”


2. Oftentimes, pot users will describe the hash experience as much more powerful than cannabis alone. And mixing hash with a favorite snack only makes it all the more enjoyable. This person combined their own homemade hash olive oil with some yogurt and reported the most peaceful and relaxing experience followed by an hour straight of uncontrollable laughter. Just another day at the hash spa. 

From Erowid:

“I started to feel the first effects, feeling very deep and relaxed I danced through the woods until finally finding a nice place to sit down and enjoy nature. Staring at the trees the forrest floor seemed to liquify into what was waves of the ocean.”

3. Homemade pipes may seem like a thing of the past, but whether it’s made of fruit—like an apple bong (see the apple bong DIY video below)—or a plastic bottle, some people still need to get creative. This person’s first time was reported on Erowid, using a homemade a wooden pipe. 

From Erowid:

“I walked outside towards the woods after everyone got busy with a game of pool and noticed that I felt completely different than I had with everyone around me. I felt a complete peace about myself that I had never felt before. I found a comfortable place and lay down in the woods. There was a sense of oneness with nature. I felt like all the trees and bushes and the few rays of sun lazily drifting through the canopy were saying to me 'here we are, now you know the secret to seeing us, you are no longer an outsider looking at us, you are part of us.' Colors were exceptionally vivid, and my sense of wellbeing was phenomenal.”

For anyone who's wondering, here's a video showing how to make an apple bong: 


4. Yes, a pot brownie is the mascot for all edibles out there, from THC lollipops to cookie dough that will get you baked. But this user got a little more creative with their edible recipe, opting for firecrackers instead, a THC cracker sandwich with peanut butter down the middle. Then they got on a plane. 

From Erowid:

“I smiled. I felt so powerful, but also so light. I looked out the window at all the cars, the snow, buildings... it was incredible. I felt like a bird, and just got tingles throughout my body. I closed my eyes for a bit, and had really cool thoughts, along with mild closed eye visuals relating to space, flying, and things of that matter. I wrote some music with my laptop and Logic Pro, which turned out really cool in the end. 

The airplane food also tasted incredible.We took off during sunrise, and it was very cool being able to see the sun rise while in the air. There were occasional layers of clouds that looked so beautiful and soft, and when we got high up enough, I could see a really dark sky as if it was outer space. I watched The Matrix for a while on my laptop. The first 30 minutes really blew me away, and the rest was also very entertaining.”

5. The zong is one of the most feared contraptions in the pot smoking world and conquering it is certainly medal-worthy. This person smoked out of the 3-foot zig zagged bong with a group of friends and let the intensity kick in. 

From Erowid:

“We were skating back and while I wasn't pushing I would zone out. I had my hand over my mouth and nose so when I breathed it helped heat up my face. This made my hand in the bottom of my vision. It seemed my vision was given another dimension. Like it was just a well draw 2d picture so it looked 3d, but then my hand became the 3rd dimension of depth. It started to stretch out towards me. This happened to me about three times and snapped out of it after about ten seconds. This happened to me several other times but with objects with a color that stuck out. Like the white road in between the grass.”

Here is a video of a "zong rip to the dome":


6. Along with a Red Bull and some alcohol, this 22 year old on Erowid decided to get high from a tobacco pipe. He took six large hits and retreated into his bedroom to trip out.

From Erowid:

“I experienced a mixing of the senses, with the music I was hearing often manifesting in visual form, extreme time dilation and a continuous perception of eternity. Body movement was difficult and disorienting because minute muscle motions caused intense euphoria to sweep over my body (the closest comparison I can make is to an orgasm). For this reason, I spent a large portion of the 'trip' simply laying in the bed undulating my limbs.”

7. While some people prefer to be high for the party, others chose to go inward, using nature as their vehicle. This college student on Erowid smoked a joint on a balcony, and spend the next few hours gazing at the stars. 

From Erowid:

“Staring up at the moon, I started to think about how the flow of ideas – the flow of everyone’s ideas – every conscious thought and experience – calls us upwards, and tugs at something abstract and incorporeal from the physical body. It is the engine that propels our concepts, culture, and constant drive towards liberalization: to unleash the consciousness and imagination into an ecstatic realm of play... I felt as though alone, watching quietly over the silhouetted trees and houses, I had caught the cosmos in the midst of its secret rite.”

8. This next student stoner on Erowid crossed a beyond high threshold, by consuming cannabis two different ways. After eating an edible and smoking two bowls shortly after, this pot user reached new levels of high, ending up stoned in a public restroom. 

From Erowid:

“The third and most fascinating thing was that I began to hallucinate. Not just like, oh things look a little different, straight up seeing things. The floor was a grid pattern and I stared at it forever! It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! It was pulsing and vibrating and always changing. It would cycle through different ways of pulsing and moving like Christmas lights. I also saw what I can only describe as golden helices everywhere floating across my vision. Also spaceships. Lots of spaceships.

T-6 hrs, The final thing that happened to me in the bathroom was that I obviously lost track of any sense of time, for when I peered at my phone to check the time, it was seven. I had sat on this toilet for..... drumroll.... 3 hours. How had I done that? It felt like 15 minutes at MOST. Jesus.”

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