Jon Stewart Mocks NY's Senate for Bickering Over 'The State Snack'


The New York State Senate, widely regarded as on of the most dysfunctional legislative bodies in the United States, has taken it upon itself to vote on a bill naming yogurt the Official State Snack, which was red comedic meat for The Daily Show's Jon Stewart.

And Stewart didn't need much of a monologue as he played video from the floor of the State Senate. Most of the comedy was provided by senators themselves, who either perfectly deadpanned an intricate comedy skit or were oblivious to the complexion of the proceedings.

“I'm telling you this is maybe the best 40 minutes that any legislative chamber anywhere in the country has ever spent,” Stewart said between a series of hilarious clips.

The bill’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer, who said the proposal was the idea of a fourth-grade class, was grilled by his fellow legislators.

Democratic Sen. Gustavo Rivera put Ranzenhofer's feet to the fire: “As far as a state snack, what is it we're defining as a 'snack' here?”

“I think it's self explanatory,” replied Razenhoefer, “You have breakfast, lunch, and dinner...and then you have 'snacks.'”

Sen. Rivera went on to debate Sen. Razenhoefer, grilling him if he considered the potato chips, raisins, or pretzels as the state snack.

“What if the pretzel was dipped in yogurt?” protested Sen. Rivera. “That would be a two-in-one!”

This cued Stewart to feign amazement: “Oh my God, this guy is Batman!”

It only got better, Democratic State Sen. Liz Krueger asked if there was a definition of the kind of yogurt that the Senate should consider. To this Sen. Razenhoefer replied, “I don't believe that the fourth graders wanted to discriminate between different types of yogurt.”

This prompted Stewart to quip: “I'm sure the fourth graders didn't even want to do this project. I'm sure they weren't interested. I'm sure this assignment is some sort of weird interpretation of the common core.”

Sen. Krueger later nitpicked the designation might be inconsiderate to those who were lactose intolerant. However, Razenhoefer assured her that there are lactose-free yogurts, including soy yogurt.

There's much more. Watch the clip:

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