7 Really Stupid and Offensive GOP Remarks on the Day They Shot Down Equal Pay for Women

The Right Wing

The GOP war on women, the poor and fairness continued Tuesday when Senate Republicans blocked  the Paycheck Fairness Act, 54-43.

Here’s a sampling of some of the stupider and more offensive things Republicans and their media mouthpieces said about Obama’s and the Democrats’ wildly popular push for pay parity for women on Equal Pay Day. This is the day (April 8, 2014), when women finally catch up for what men made in 2013.

Republicans, though? They mostly argue that equal pay for equal work is a canard that Democrats (and the vast majority of Americans) have made up, or just a political ploy to buy votes.

1. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

All that Democrats are doing, is trying to “blow a few kisses to their powerful pals on the left.” It’s all part of the Democrats’ “never-ending political road show.”

Mitch, you are an ass!

2. Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn of Texas:

“This whole thing is really backfiring on the administration and on our Democratic friends because people are seeing it for what it is: It’s a transparent political campaign. It isn’t actually about solving problems, because the law of the land is already paycheck equity.”

Ummm. No it’s not.

3. Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.):

Democrats’ push for pay equity between men and women is “condescending . . . Some folks don’t understand that women have become an extremely valuable part of the workforce today on their own merit, not because the government mandated it.”

Pay equity is the kind of condescension a gal could get used to.

4. Terri Lynn Land, Republicans’ U.S. Senate hopeful from Michigan:

“Well, we all like to be paid more and that’s great. But the reality is that women have a different lifestyle. They have kids, they have to take them to get dentists’ appointments, doctors’ appointments all those kinds of things, and they’re more interested in flexibility in a job than pay.”

Right, women don’t really need money.

5. Republican National Committee Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski:

Asked on MSNBC what policies her party would support to improve pay equity, Kukowski sputtered gibberish and just basically couldn’t think of anything.

She had to have anticipated the question, right?

Meanwhile, over at Fox:

6. Bill O’Reilly:

“I’m not buying this inequality business.”


Megyn Kelly:

“Now they think you’re anti-woman if you question that meme about equal pay.”

Well, if the shoe fits…

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