Stephen Colbert Becomes a Poll Truther: Don't Believe the 'Scientific Gobbledygook'

As a good conservative, Stephen Colbert isn't buying these pointy-headed pollsters "survey data." On Thursday, the host of the Colbert Report joined a growing number of people on the right who are convinced that the polls are being "skewed," and Romney's headed for a blow-out win.

There's good reasons for Colbert to embrace this storyline. It may keep GOP donors' pocketbooks open and get their voters to the polls -- perhaps protecting some down-ballot races -- and of course it protects conservatism. Nevermind that Romney's support among seniors is down dramatically since selecting zombie-eyed granny starver Paul Ryan, it wasn't the wingnuttery of their policy ideas -- it was the LIE-brul media and their biased pollsters.

Plus, it staves off cognitive dissonance. It makes Stephen's head hurt thinking that the Kenyan interloper whom every last American must hate is kicking a pretty Republican white-guy's ass.

Watch (if the video doesn't load in your browser it can be viewed here):

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