Report: Man Who Was 'Tortured' by the Prospect of Obama's Re-Election Kills Family, Self

The Right has painted a potential second term under Obama in apocalyptic terms. Fox News host Sean Hannity said that "if Obama is re-elected, it's the end of America as we know it." Pastor John Hagee, calling for 40 days of prayer for Mitt Romney,  insisted that "Four more years of Obama will bring absolute socialism to America. Our children and grandchildren will never know the greatness of America that we have experienced." A full-page ad that ran in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune blared that Obama would "force employers to give illegal immigrants the jobs of U.S. citizens," "force courts to accept Sharia law" and "force doctors to assist homosexuals in buying surrogate babies," among other outrages. And the popular "documentary" (it's fiction), "2016: Obama's America" paints a dystopian vision of a country bled dry by Obama's supposed obsession with global wealth redistribution.

People who are in good mental health -- even conservatives who despise Obama -- are able to separate feverish projections from current reality. But what about those who are suffering from mental illnesses? 

The Daily Mail reports that one such man -- a defense contractor who has a history of paranoia and depression, according to the report -- did the unthinkable this week, returning from prayers at his church and killing his wife and two sons before turning the gun on himself. Here's an excerpt from the Daily Mail story:

Albert Peterson shot dead his wife and two sons hours after going to church because he dreaded the thought of Obama winning the election, a family friend has revealed.

A confidante of the family for the past 25 years has spoken to MailOnline about the strength and grace of the Peterson family, as well as the torment that plagued Albert which drove him to shoot dead his wife Kathleen and his two sons Christopher and Mathew at their suburban home in DC on Sunday.

A history of mental illness, the loss of a dear uncle, and a growing fear of Obama winning a second term in the White House took its toll on the mind of Mr Peterson, a wealthy defense contractor, the friend said.

'He just did not want his kids inheriting this mess,' Maggie L, who did not wish to reveal her last name, told MailOnline. 'Sometimes we thought he might take his own life when he was so depressed. We never thought he would take Kathie's.'

....Albert, 57, Kathleen, 52, Matthew, 16, and Christopher, 13, were found Tuesday just after noon inside their home in Herndon, Virgina. Co-workers reported to police that they were concerned that Mr and Mrs Peterson had not reported to work for the past two days.

Mr Peterson was a defense contractor and Mrs Peterson worked at Blackbird Technologies, a company that specializes in defense, law enforcement and intelligence work.

Chris was an eighth grader at Rachel Carson Middle School and Matthew was a sophomore at Westfield High School. Both were avid soccer players and active at their church.

The preliminary police investigation indicates that Albert Peterson killed his wife and their children before taking his own life. Each of the deceased died of gunshot wounds to the upper body.

...Recently, Mr Peterson began writing paranoid emails to his friends and family about politics on a daily basis, sometimes even more frequently, Maggie said.

'I got emails and the emails stopped all of a sudden last week,' Maggie said. 'He felt that our God-given rights were being taken away. He didn't like where the country was going.'

Read the rest here.


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