The Remarkable “Golden-Voiced Man” Ted Williams Heads to Rehab

Ted Wiliams’ rise to fame began innocently enough. A Columbus Dispatch reporter gave him a chance to share his golden radio voice with the world, and it eventually blew up on YouTube. Less than a day later Williams was in New York sitting next to the “Today” show’s Matt Lauer giving him an “exclusive” interview with reports that he’d already been offered housing and a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Williams even lent his talent out to the crew at the “Rachel Maddow Show” by reading parts of the Constitution that GOP leaders had conveniently left out. But soon, mainstream media could no longer abide the untidy realities of recovery. was the first to publish “gossip” about Williams as he attempted to enter a Columbus airport without a state-issued ID. “It’s the first bad news Williams has had in 24 hours. He’s gotten a job offer, a home offer, and a free trip home to visit his mom — all because of the YouTube clip that went viral,” TMZ reported.

TMZ failed to mention that a homeless guy not having an ID or a birth certificate is a common occurrence. But it wasn’t until they published a story with the headline “‘Golden Voice’ Guy — I’ve Got NINE Kids!!!” that other media outlets felt comfortable publishing stories deconstructing Williams’ history.

“It was like a broken record,” Williams’ mother told the New York Daily News, of the times her son vowed his voice would make him a star someday. “All I got was promises.”

The Daily News also profiled Williams’ ex-wife, inviting even more controversy. Even Wendy Williams chimed in expressing concern over Williams’ sobriety.

But it was Dr. Phil McGraw who got the big scoop. On Tuesday, Dr. Phil, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, aired the first episode of a two-part series that brought Williams and his family to the stage to air all their issues. So many issues that after the taping of the show, police were called to the hotel where the family is staying because of an altercation allegedly between Williams and his daughter.

In the end, maybe it was the unexpected attention and pressure that got to him. But yesterday, after a “long one-on-one conversation” with Dr. Phil, Williams admitted he’s been drinking alcohol.

According to a press release from Dr. Phil Wednesday, Williams has canceled all appearances and is headed to substance abuse treatment.

See the interactive graphic for this piece at Colorlines. Watch Williams' talent below.

[youtube expand=1]


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