The Tea Party Strikes Again -- Time to Get Very Serious

The results are in, and they couldn't be more clear. The Tea Party -- whose members embrace crazy ideas like ending Social Security, closing down the Department of Education and pushing women out of the military, to name just a few --won another batch of primaries on Tuesday. Clearly, they are on a roll.

This round is led by Christine O'Donnell, who won Delaware's GOP nomination for U.S. Senate Tuesday night. O'Donnell is a fringe right-wing ideologue. She has said there is "just as much, if not more, evidence supporting" the idea that "God created the Earth in six days" as there is for evolution. For O'Donnell, teaching creationism as science in public schools is a fine idea. She's crusaded against masturbation, comparing it to adultery. She has said that taking the Bible out of public schools caused an escalation of school shootings.

With Tea Party victories across the land, we are facing an increasing danger that a score of extremists will enter our government. Even Karl Rove is scared. On the night of O'Donnell's election victory, Rove slammed the GOP nominee, saying, "She said some nutty things" and "she doesn't have a chance to win in the general election." But many fear the self-destructive "screw the system" attitude spreading like wildfire will get these wacky candidates into the Senate. That means big trouble.

The Right is on the march, and they must be cut off at the pass. AlterNet needs your support to keep up our work. If we don't push back against the insane ideas of these radical reactionaries, they gain a foothold, and who knows what will happen in 2012?

Many people have tried to dismiss the Tea Party movement. But not AlterNet. We have been sounding the alarm and providing ongoing, in-depth coverage from the beginning. We have the book to prove it, and we want it in your hands.

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I'm worried, and I hope you are too. But together we can defeat this scary, dangerous uprising.


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