Dangerous Brew: Dismiss Extreme Right-Wing Tea Party Ideas at Your Peril

The insurgent Tea Party movement, supported by its many pals in the radical right, is moving like a brushfire through American politics.

The Tea Partiers' long-term goals are nothing short of dismantling our government, privatizing and reducing fundamental programs like Social Security and Medicare, and putting the corporations in charge -- a frightening prospect in this day and age (think BP).

It's become fashionable in some quarters to dismiss the Tea Party as a bunch of disorganized kooks who are not a real threat to our way of life. But that would be a big mistake.

In truth, the coalition that makes up the Tea Party is one "dangerous brew."

After detailed investigations by our editorial team, AlterNet has concluded that this new right-wing emergence is dangerous and must be investigated, exposed and fought at every turn. And to do it right, AlterNet needs your help.

We are turning a good chunk of our investigative attention to probing the wide range of right-wing activities -- from the use of Tea Party candidates to take over the Republican party from the inside to the more extreme secessionist and gun-toting groups such as Oath Keepers and the Constitutional Conservative Alliance.

As the new spearhead of unfocused and often hateful anger emerging from the conservative grassroots, the Tea Party encompasses the full range of extreme ideas.

The deep dissatisfaction of the Tea Party is being tapped by the old guard of the right wing -- call it Tea Party, Inc. -- people like billionaire David Koch, who have the money and the power to produce big events, hire political consultants and lobbyists, and organize the discontented on the ground.

And the topper is that Tea Partiers have 24/7 cheerleading by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and many more in the conservative media, increasing their influence and helping them recruit.

Help us all defend ourselves by supporting AlterNet's "Dangerous Brew" investigative work. We are building a network of investigators in the field, and working with the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute, to ferret out the truth and communicate it far and wide.

Help us keep our reporters in the field, digging and keeping tabs. Field investigations cost money to travel and cover the maneuverings of the mobile and growing Tea Party movement. To make sure we can pay for our investigations, we immediately need $30,000 to pay the bills and keep our people on watch in the field. This project will operate at a high-intensity pitch through the fall election. Help us out, please. 

AlterNet already has a great track record exposing the Tea Parties. We have published dozens of key articles on the movement, and our Washington Bureau Chief Adele Stan has 15 years of close scrutiny of the extreme Right under her belt. Check out her definitive article on why we should take the Tea Partiers seriously. But it is necessary to take this effort to the next level to meet the growing threat.


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