'XPAC Lounge': Right-Wingers' Hilariously Lame Attempt to Try Making Conservatism Appeal to Young People

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WASHINGTON -- XPAC: It's like CPAC but way, way funner and cooler. Oh, and it'll also be Epic. Well, that's what they want you to believe.

Adding some entertainment to this week's annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. is the first ever Xtreme Politically Active Conservatives (XPAC) lounge, hosted by staunch Christian Republican Stephen Baldwin and conservative writer Kevin McCullough. Fox News will broadcast the event and is listed as a sponsor.

Baldwin, who acted in the popular film The Usual Suspects, is the younger brother of famed Hollywood star Alec Baldwin. Now, he's helping create the "generation next" of conservative activists.

The official Web site description reads, "If you love CPAC for the speeches and information, you’ll love the XPAC Lounge for the pop culture personalities, entertainment, music and laid back programming that brings a whole new experience to CPAC!"

For $15 dollars, attendees will get a three-day pass for "all the games, food, and access" from February 18-20. There's also a $5 discount for buying tickets online.

Among those scheduled to attend are RNC chairman Michael Steele and right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter. Fox News analyst Brit Hume will be honored, along with "ACORN pimp" and alleged felon James O'Keefe, who was caught breaking into Sen. Mary Landrieu's (D-LA) office just weeks ago.

O'Keefe is poised to receive the "1st Annual XPAC Award for Impact," along with Hannah Giles, for their roles in infiltrating the community activist group ACORN last year.

"You're also going to get private meet and greets with young people who are getting out there to slap liberals," says XPAC's Hope Ammen in a video uploaded to the group's Facebook page. In the video she repeatedly trumpets O'Keefe's presence at the event as a way of encouraging younger conservatives to attend.

Another promotional video sells XPAC as "Tech, Interactive, Engaging, and GNARLY... yeah baby!"

According to an XPAC posting on Facebook, it's one of the biggest, most important political events of the year:

It's bigger than you can imagine. It's bigger than Geese being banned at JFK. It's bigger than Keith Olbermann on health care. It's bigger than Ron Paul on banning drugs. It's bigger than Michelle Bachman or John Boehner speaking from the floor. It's bigger than Obama's State of the union. It's bigger than Sony cameras, and if you think these all look the same... they're not.

It's bigger than Joe Biden sayin' "God Bless America."

It's bigger than a Fox Business Channel "Breaking News" story....

It's such an auto-matically huge, well tuned, reality that it makes news...

So eager are the hosts to spread the word on Facebook that they're offering prizes such as an "XPAC hoodie, tee, skullie, or cap" -- or even an Apple iPad -- to those who merely replace their profile picture with XPAC's promotional poster.

Also scheduled to make an appearance is the conservative rapping duo Young Cons, whose politically-themed music videos have been the subject of amusement as well as mockery. The duo's latest work involves them dancing around a cardboard cut-out of Ronald Reagan and rapping, "I'm a dream-chaser, fightin' tax raises; conservative blood runs deep in my nature..."

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