Food and Investigations: Feed Your Appetite For Top-Notch Reporting

With AlterNet's new look comes two new sections we think readers will love to dig into: Food and Investigations. These are two of the hottest topics AlterNet readers have been drawn to in recent months and in addition to new special coverage pages, we're also launching free weekly e-newsletters for each of them. You can sign up now and get the top stories from Food or Investigations in your in-box weekly.

We've been covering food stories for years, but our new section on Food is in direct response to the massive groundswell of interest in what we eat and where our food comes from. Here's how we see it: Imagine that every meal you eat is like a big kitchen table. Seated around the table are all the people who played a part in getting your food to your fork. Who's sitting on either side of you? Do you know who they are? Right now the health of communities and the environment are at risk because of the industrial food and farming systems that dominate our dinner table. We're seated next to big corporations that have put their profit above all else. But that's about to change.

There's a growing movement working to change not just what's for dinner, but who's invited to the table. AlterNet's new food section will provide key support in that effort. By signing up for our newsletter, visiting the Food special coverage page, and participating in our community forum, SoapBox, you can join the conversation with leading writers, bloggers and food experts. We'll be talking about supporting local farmers, increasing awareness about sustainability, working on solutions to food access, promoting healthy choices for people and the planet, and drawing the connections between what we eat and our environmental, health and economic woes.

Here's a sampling of our food stories in the last week: renowned food expert Marion Nestle sounds the alarm about a new Salmonella outbreak; Anneli Rufus ponders the significance of America's sweet tooth; Martha Rosenberg delves into how antibiotics used in industrial farming are threatening our health; and Brad Reed gives us some great information and a few laughs with a look at the newest crazy weight-loss schemes.

Some Food stories, such as Jill Richardson's recent piece about the environmental havoc and health menace caused by the shrimp industry, are also part of our new Investigations special coverage. If you're looking for in-depth coverage of issues, look no further than Investigations, your one-stop shop for the best in investigative journalism, particularly relating to topics of most interest to progressives. AlterNet will gather all of our best original investigative reporting, in addition to amplifying the best investigative voices out there, including Huffington Post's Investigative Fund, ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Project on Government Oversight and more.

The Investigations section will emphasize our commitment to exposing government malfeasance, corporate corruption, and other stories that merit more scrutiny. Just two weeks ago an AlterNet article by Jessica Pupovac was instrumental in bringing about the release of an innocent man in Chicago who was wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years.

Check out some of our excellent current content: Anand Gopal reveals that the U.S. has been running hidden detention centers in Afghanistan and Kevin Connor is the first to draw ties between the Louisiana Republican elite and the alleged tampering with Sen. Mary Landrieu's phones.

We hope you'll take a swing by our Food and Investigation sections and sign up for the newsletters so you can stay up to date with the hottest happenings on the Web.


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