AlterNet Take Action: Throw Out Bernanke!

We find ourselves in a rather curious political moment. In the 2008 election cycle, Americans kicked the neo-cons out of office and landed Barack Obama in the White House -- with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority in Congress, to boot.

As President Obama prepares for his first State of the Union tomorrow, his address will likely contain many of the hope-and-change flourishes that won him the presidency, but it will also underscore how many of Democratic and independent voters' goals -- particularly those of liberals and progressives -- were not met in this first year. The speech also comes soon after Ted Kennedy's four-decade Senate seat was turned over to a TeaParty-boosted Republican, highlighting the fact that the sweeping reforms we need may be even harder to come by here on out.

Health care reform has not been passed -- and what may one day pass will bear the heavy imprint of lawmakers bought by a health care industry that profits off the status quo. The government bailed out Wall Street while regular Americans on Main Street have seen their savings dwindle and job prospects fade. Corporate interests were further empowered by the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the ban on corporate contributions to political campaigns. Those who voted to end the war in the Middle East have been met with escalation of the war in Afghanistan, and further failures in Iraq. And the year started off with the catastrophic loss of life in Haiti -- how the United States acts there throughout the rebuilding process could be a harbinger for our nation's standing in the world under Obama.

With these examples -- and many more -- in mind, AlterNet's new site includes a Take Action page which will regularly connect our readers to actionable steps they can take around the issues they care about most.

And today we're pleased to present to you the five progressive actions we find most exciting and pressing right now. Click through to learn more, participate, and make a difference.

1. Time to Throw Out Ben Bernanke!

Not since the Great Depression has the financial system been as unsafe, unsound, and unstable as it has been during Ben Bernanke's tenure. The failed Fed chair is up for re-appointment this week. Sign Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) petition to oust him!

2. Stop the Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad

CBS’s recent decision to air an anti-choice advertisement ad during Super Bowl XLIV was outrageous. Even worse is the network’s about-face from its own policy of rejecting controversial Super Bowl ads. Call on the network to immediately cancel this ad!
3. Save Our Democracy From the Corporatists!

Corporations, the Supreme Court ruled last week, should enjoy the same First Amendment rights as individuals. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and his progressive colleagues have filed six bills to reverse this assault, the "Save our Democracy" platform. Sign a petition to support these efforts and prevent the sale of our government to the highest bidder.

4. Help Haiti: Tell Geithner to Cancel Its $1 Billion Debt

Sign a petition to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and international financial institutions urging them to do everything possible to achieve immediate debt cancellation for Haiti.

5. Take the Pledge to Move Your Money!

People fed up with the nation's biggest banks, whose casino-style investment practices are partly responsible for the financial crisis, are pledging to move their money to small community banks and credit unions. They're taking the power into their own hands and voting with their dollars -- take the pledge to move your money!


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