Right-Wing Response to Underpants Bomber Hilariously Hypocritical

Over at America’s Shittiest Website™, the reaction to the underpants bomber has been as swift as it was predictable. Naturally, because his flaming jockey shorts scared some people on the plane and has left right-wingers quaking with fear and soiling their own non-explosive underpants, this is the worst terrorist attack on American soil ever. And it’s completely Obama's fault. In fact, the first thing Obama should now do is fire everyone in sight, admit that he's the worst president ever, come back from Hawaii, and have his picture taken in the Oval Office while wearing sackcloth and ashes and apologizing profusely to the Dutch guy who burned his fingers and is getting paid the big bucks to do TV interviews.

Leading the charge, natch, is Andy McCarthy, who is dismayed that instead of whisking the underpants guy off to Gitmo to waterboard him for a couple of days, we are doing silly shit like filing indictments, holding judicial hearings, and giving him a lawyer.

The people now in charge of our government believe Clinton-era counterterrorism was a successful model. They start from the premise that terrorism is a crime problem to be managed, not a war to be won. …

Here, no thanks to the government, the plane was not destoyed [sic], and we won’t get to the bottom of the larger conspiracy (enabling the likes of Napolitano to say there's no indication of a larger plot -- much less one launched by an international jihadist enterprise) because the guy got to lawyer up rather than be treated like a combatant and subjected to lengthy interrogation. But the terrorist will be convicted at trial (this “case” tees up like a slam-dunk), so the administration will put it in the books as a success … just like the Clinton folks did after the ‘93 WTC bombers and the embassy bombers were convicted. In their minds, litigation success equals national security success.

It is a dangerously absurd viewpoint.


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