It's All About the People: Meet the AlterNet People

We at AlterNet take pride in publishing and showcasing the best, most influential progressive voices of our time. Whether it's Bill Moyers, Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Matt Taibbi, Barbara Ehrenreich, Noam Chomsky, Patricia Williams, Roberto Lovato and many more -- day in and day out you will read them at AlterNet.

But there is more to journalism and AlterNet than the brightest shining stars. It is all issues you care about; the investigative work; the writing, the assigning, the harvesting of the content -- it is all in the hands of our crack editorial team. And they do a great job.

I want you to meet our team -- you see their photos along side this message -- and know their beats.  And, if you can, give them your support.  We are sweating it out, trying to meet our Fall fund raising goal of $40,000, and we need your help. It's the last week, and we need to raise $18,000 more before end of day next Monday.  

Here are our people:

  • Adele Stan, our D.C. Bureau Chief, probes behind the scenes of the major radical, right- wing gatherings
  • Tara Lohan covers the environment, breaks new ground on our country's food and water crises
  • Liliana Segura writes about the evil impact of tasers, innocent people on death row, while working feverishly to protect our rights
  • Joshua Holland synthesizes the complex economic issues, and covers immigration
  • Tana Ganeva tracks the dangerous right-wing blowhards like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and also covers sex and relationships
  • Jan Frel works for media reform, while making sure AlterNet has the most cutting-edge drug reform coverage on the Web.

This is the team that will publish more than 4,400 stories, 3,700 blogs, and 1,080 videos this year, keeping on top of the news.

We reach out to you, our readers, and supporters, each quarter, because we need the dough to meet our budget. We need just $18,000 more. So please, weigh in if you can.

Our team works long hours, and doesn't get paid a whole lot. But they certainly will feel better knowing you have their back. That when it comes to fighting for change, the AlterNet readers will support the AlterNet workers.

Please help the AlterNet team with whatever you can afford.

Don Hazen, Executive Editor.


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