Right-Wing "Media Critic" Inserts Foot in Mouth Over Nazi Rhetoric

Aside from the fact that his Media Research Center anti-Pelosi press release from Thursday was borderline incoherent (did she ever make reference to radio talk show hosts?), the proclamation from Bozell that the media needed to doggedly call out hate speech did represent a monumental bout of hypocrisy.

Like, world-class.

Bozell was all bent out of shape because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made reference to the fact that some members of the GOP mini-mobs unleashed on town hall forums were carrying "swastikas." For Bozell, the mere mention of anything Nazi--the mere insinuation that anyone involved in our political debate was a Nazis or Nazi-like--was just too much.

“The media have a responsibility to report on this hate speech, who is behind it and how vicious it has become,” shrieked Bozell.

Again, for Bozell the game breaker was the mention of Nazi's. To Bozell's ears, that was just completely out of bounds. Period. No exceptions.

Whatever you say Brent.

Please note that this is what Bozell's beloved right-wing talkers said on the same day that Bozell condemned any use of Nazi references in our political discourse:

*Limbaugh: "Adolf Hitler, like Barack Obama, also ruled by dictate"

*Limbaugh claims Obama "sending out his brownshirts"

*Limbaugh: "[T]he Obama health care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo"

*Beck links health care reform to Nazis, suggests reform would kill elderly and newborns

To quote the great Brent Bozell, "The media have a responsibility to report on this hate speech, who is behind it and how vicious it has become."


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