Pathetic Right-Wing Lunatic Pens Op-Ed Pondering Kennedy's Future in Hell

I'm on some truly bottom-feeding right-wing email lists.

Today, a conservative publicist is pushing an op-ed by some truly execrable lunatic. This person wants attention and I don't want to offer it, so I'm not going to name the writer. I post it solely so readers understand the depth of depravity to which some people will stoop to score a cheap political hit.

Here's what I had to deal with over my Liberal Latté® this AM:

Did Ted Kennedy Go To Heaven?

Then some standard publicist nonsense that paints the picture of a dedicate culture warrior and no-nothing "expert":

[Classy Right-Winger] was the first Damage Control and Crisis Management Expert in the country, as stated by Barbara Walters on the show, "20/20". [Classy Right-Winger] is also a political consultant and a frequent on-air contributor who has opined on FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all major TV networks. Some of the issues she has been called to speak to are The Dangers of Radical Islam, Gay Marriage, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, The Well-Masked Cult of Mormonism (she is an expert on Mormonism), Media bias, All Things Political, The Imaging-Posturing-Positioning of Presidential Candidates, All Things Regarding Hollywood, Ethics In The Media, The Culture Wars and more.

Now there's someone with whom you'd like to have a beer, right?

August 28th, 2009 Op-ed offering. Word count: 1,000. Permission to publish (please let us know). Edit to fit.

Did Ted Kennedy Go To Heaven?

By: [Classy Right-Winger]

While the nation watched the funeral procession of the late Ted Kennedy, the press gave a great amount of air time on the proceedings. However, I very much doubt that Ted is as concerned as the nation is with the human ceremonies of his passing.

You see, according to the belief system he claimed as his own, and the explicit words of the person he professed to accept as the Son of God in human flesh, Ted is either in Heaven or in Hell right now. He is either in the arms of the loving Father-God in whom he claimed to place his faith, or is in the worst place imaginable, called Hell, for an eternity. This is not merely my own spin. It is at the core of the world view that Ted Kennedy believed his entire life -- unless he was just pretending.

So while Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Chris Dodd use Ted's passing to support for the Healthcare reform bill, Teddy may very well be singing a different tune.

You're probably thinking to yourself: 'OK, a jazz standard in Greater Wingnuttia. But where are the egregious lies we've come to expect from such a screed?

Senator Kennedy initially ran for office as a Catholic pro-lifer. Once he was placed into office, he changed his position to become a pro-abortion activist. Ted was one of the most relentless advocates for abortion on demand, funded by taxpayers whether they liked it or not -- whether they believed it was murder or not.


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