AlterNet Readers Say Phooey to Financial Meltdown; Break All Giving Records in Supporting Progressive, Independent Media

To: AlterNet Readers

From: Don Hazen, Executive Editor

Re: Wild success of end-of-the-year fundraising campaign

Truth be told, we were nervous about our year-end fundraising campaign. We knew that the global financial meltdown had affected everyone. We feared that you all would need to cut back in expenses when facing hard times, and not give this time around, or not give as much.

I'm happy to report that we were completely wrong. You busted our year-end fundraising records by a mile, more than doubling last year -- and in fact, this was the most successful single fundraising campaign we have ever had at AlterNet. Almost 2,600 of you contributed more than $130,000, with the average gift hovering around $50 -- the highest was $10,000 and the smallest was $5. And we are grateful for every one of them, small and large. Also, we are gratified that our newest method by which you can contribute -- becoming a monthly sustainer, which spreads your donation over the year -- is catching on.*

We take your generosity and commitment to mean that our blanket coverage of the economic crisis,  the environment, health care, the drug war, our special focus on challenging the conventional wisdom on Obama appointments, the escalating violence in Afghanistan, and more, is what you want to be reading.

One of our new projects, thanks to you, launched today: AlterNet's Economy in Crisis -- it's a feature you can find on AlterNet's front page that tackles this incredible economic meltdown and hopefully, its recovery. Updated daily, every day of the week, our Senior Writer Joshua Holland will guide you to the really important news and the hard-to-find analysis that actually makes sense of this historic change affecting all our lives.

And of course you can expect us to go head-to-head with the radical right wing. It is regrouping and already attacking the idea of a progressive stimulus plan -- the one for millions of jobs, not the one for rich banks that are squandering taxpayer money on buying other banks. Even if we are concerned about Obama’s appointments and certain policy directions he seems to be moving in, which we are, there is probably a lot we can agree on in the short term to spread some wealth among millions, not just the superwealthy. AlterNet is going to help make those changes happen.

* If you missed our appeals and want to join our distinguished reader-funder base, you can go here to join -- and pick up a free copy of AlterNet's The Best of 2008, if you become a monthly sustainer.

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