I Guess God isn't a Republican After All

So. The Very Reverend James Dobson emailed his flock and asked them to pray for rain in Denver Thursday night. Lots and lots of it.

Okay, fine. Let’s play by those rules then, Jimmy.

If ever there was a metaphor for the 2008 presidential contest, surely this was it.

I don’t even know how to begin when it comes to people so messed up that they would do such a thing, and then think it might actually work. But I do know this: I was in Denver for two weeks prior to that night. The first few days I was there it rained. Then, it was hot – uncomfortably so, actually, in that mile-high convection oven sort of way. And then, the day of the speech in the open-air Invesco Stadium, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Like, I mean, drop-dead. One of those makes-you-glad-to-be-alive, beautiful, perfect days.

Meanwhile, Republicans are now considering whether to postpone their convention because a freakin’ hurricane (as well as a hurricane of a reminder of the last time this happened) is bearing down on a bunch of very red states in the South, including those headed by GOP wunderkind Bobby Jindal and skanky machine-insider, Haley Barbour.

As I see it, there are only a limited number of explanations for all this: 1) There is no god. 2) There is, but she’s doesn’t do windows, and she doesn’t take custom weather requests either. Or, 3) She’s as sick of the GOP this year as are the rest of us.

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