The Pope May Not Want Donohue's Defenses

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Well, the pope and his little pope-mobile are coming here to DC and, good gay abortionists that we are, we would be doing our reputation a disservice if we didn’t post something about the pope in honor of the historic visit. And, thankfully, Billy Donohue, the head of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights for Straight White Geriatric Male Catholics and Blastocysts, has been happy to oblige us with some material. Bill Maher said some naughty things about the pope and Donohue hasn’t gotten so worked about anything since some sculptor did an anatomically correct Jesus with dark, rather than white, chocolate. And the best thing about a Billy tantrum is that he totally unmoors himself from truth and reality, says pretty much whatever pops into his medieval brain, declares that the truth and then accuses the other side of lying.

So, of course, Bill Donohue titles his reply piece “Maher Lies About the Pope.� Let’s see who’s lying, shall we?

Maher’s obsession with the Catholic Church continues, only this time there isn’t enough material for him to use as a club, so he literally makes things up. His lies include the following statement: ‘When the�when the current pope was in his previous Vatican job as John Paul’s Dick Cheney�he wrote a letter instructing every Catholic bishop to keep the sex abuse of minors secret until the statute of limitations ran out.’
A similar lie was floated by an angry ex-Catholic bigot, Rosie O’Donnell.
Boy, this must be serious if Donahue pulls out the Defense League’s super powerful death-ray gun � “Rosie said it! It has to be false!!�
The fact is that before he was named pope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger had absolutely nothing to do with policing allegations of sexual abuse until 2002, after the scandal erupted that January. And he certainly never counseled bishops to keep sexual abuse secret�this is a bald face lie.
“The fact is�? Have we discovered the true identity of Gary Ruppert? And you know when something starts with “the fact is� it usually isn’t, and Donahue here is telling a teeny little fib. Well, actually it’s a basilica-sized whopper. Before saying Ratzi never counseled bishops to keep sexual abuse secret, Donahue should have made sure that there were no inconvenient letters floating around. Like, say, this one:

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