Anti-Choicers Are Communists!

Jill linked Ema's awesome post about why Leslee Unruh and her cadre of crazy anti-choicers are very Communist in their thinking. I'm reading Glenn Greenwald's newest book, and I have to say that this post really reminds me of his larger points about how right wingers all too often embody the very things they claim to hate. The official right wing reason to hate communism was that it was totalitarian, but the recent embrace of Soviet tactics demonstrates that it wasn't the totalitarianism that was an issue so much at the lefty economics, as you might suspect.

The bill that Unruh and company are trying to pass into law could potentially ban birth control along with abortion, and it redefines biology in a way that would bring a tear to the eye of Soviets who thought natural selection was politically incorrect and had to go. It gives the government panty-sniffing power that would make the Stasi jealous. It redefines women's bodies as property of the state in a way that the Chinese are taking notes.

But when red-baiting the anti-choicers, we mustn't forget to mention the anti-choice communist utopia: Romania.

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