Corporate Media Uses Rev. Wright as Excuse for Racist Remarks About Black Pastors

If you wondered how the nation's mainstream media would ensure that racism and religious militarism influence the next election, just watch MSNBC and ABC stage endless faintings about "Obama's pastor problem." America's DC pundits are bullying a black candidate while making racist attacks on black pastors and churches, thinly disguising them as a defense of American civility and patriotism.

MSNBC spent Friday evening's political commentary probing the adequacy of Obama's renunciation of statements made by his Pastor Jeremy Wright, including those following 9/11. Obama has categorically rejected those sentiments, but that will not stop the Republicans and Fox News from replaying Wright's comments to maliciously brand Obama as secretly anti-white and anti-American. But MSNBC was hardly better, running the headline banner, "Obama's Pastor Problem" throughout the discussion.

Let us be clear. Barack Obama does not have a "pastor problem." There is a problem, but it's being framed as "Obama's Pastor Problem" only because he lives in a country whose irresponsible media pretends that America does not have a "racism problem" and a "religiously driven militarism problem" neither of which can be honestly discussed in a Presidential campaign because we have a "corrupt media problem."

As expected, Fox News obsessed over Reverend Wright , but ABC and ABC's This Week, were not to be outdone. And who better to pontificate on what constitutes acceptable political speech by black pastors than the self-righteous team of Ruth Marcus, George Will and Mark Halperin, arrayed against the ever polite Donna Brazile. You can guess the rest.

Will asserted that Obama was probably lying because Will knows that anyone who sits in a black church will hear unpatriotic, un-American views. Halperin announced the litmus test for Presidential eligibility that if it can be proved that Obama personally heard views that might offend George Will, then Obama is [black] toast. When Donna Brazile tried to explain to her white panelists that it's not unusual for black ministers to preach against the evils of racism and militarism in America, George Stephanopoulus ignored her and ask whether Obama should condemn Wright even further. Ms. Marcus happily added that he should.

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