Why I Called Fox News "Propaganda" While Live on Fox News

As most of you have seen, I ripped into Fox "News" while on a Fox "News" morning show this past Saturday. If you haven't seen it, the clip is to your right. I didn't say what I said in order to get attention. I figured that my statements would piss off a few hundred Fox viewers (or maybe help them question the "facts" they're getting from their sacred channel) and that I would show the clip to a few friends. As it turned out, within a day the clip had been viewed around 300,000 times on various sites, and I was getting interview requests from national radio shows. Apparently I struck a nerve.

I thought I'd answer a bunch of questions people had about the incident. Many have asked what happened before that moment to make me say those horrible things about such a lovely news network. (Isn't it sad that when someone speaks the truth on TV, we all ask "What caused it???") Well, nothing really happened in the interview - A right-wing comedian and I told some lame Huckabee jokes. The anchor, hard hitting journalist Clayton Morris, asked the necessary questions while seeming completely unaware that I was a fellow human being, and that was about it. But in a broader sense, what "happened" to make me call Fox "News" a "festival of ignorance" was the past twelve years of knowing this festering pile of propaganda coated with drivel and wrapped in the American flag has been spewing its poisonous eggs into the brains of average Americans. Now THAT's desecration of the flag - watching it flap back and forth behind a Fox "news" program.

What happened after they cut to a commercial? Clayton Morris was visibly furious but didn't say a word. Neither did anyone in the main studio. I got up, took my microphone off, and walked silently back to the greenroom, itching to the get the fuck out of that sixth circle of hell. Back in the greenroom I saw the female co-host, who was wearing her normal business skirt that is only half an inch away from illegal in 23 states. Even though there are three TV's back there showing nothing but Fox "News" (and we act like water boarding is torture?) she apparently had not watched the segment. She looked at me and said, "GREAT JOB!! We need more humor on the show. It's all so serious!" She did not get to the natural conclusion of her thought, "Now excuse me. I have to go interview strippers wearing Star Trek outfits designed for three-year-olds."

I then left the building without speaking to anyone. Following the break, intrepid newshound Clayton Morris pretended on-air as if he had thrown me out of the building. Here's the clip: He says something like, "I had to get rid of that guy!" The other anchor then says something like, "Well, it shows we have both sides of the issues here at Fox News." They then go on to interview the naked Star Trek chicks. So first of all, Fox "News" shows that it feels the solution to someone speaking their opinion is violence, but then they say it shows they have all viewpoints on their network. Within three seconds they stated that they accept all viewpoints and that they physically throw opposing viewpoints of the building. I'm impressed they're able to walk when they're that deeply drenched in hypocrisy.

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