Will the Ghost of the Dog Huckabee's Son Tortured Come Back to Bite Him in the Ass?

Recognizing that Hilary Clinton is likely to be the next president of the United States, the drug-addled Limbaugh warned that "If our nominee is either not conservative and is pandering to the left trying to get some of their votes, or if our nominee is so afraid of his record that he's relying on identity politics to get votes or if our nominee decides that the only way he can win is to go out and pick off some libs in the northeast and out in the west, it's going to be a bloodbath."

Now what about the presumed Republican winner in Iowa? John Hanchette has been reporting on Huckabee in Arkansas long before any of the Beltway pundits had ever heard of him. He thinks Huckabee's past is going to catch up with him-- quickly. Go to the link if you want to read about all the money Huckabee made selling state jobs and about how he helped get rapists and murderers out of prison. But Hanchette feels there's something else in the Huckster's past that will be even more damaging: a dead dog.

Newsweek magazine reported last issue that Huckabee interceded in 1998 when his son David, then 17, was fired from his job as a Boy Scout camp counselor at Camp Pioneer in rural Arkansas after he and a friend were accused of hanging a stray dog by throwing it and a rope over a railing to a 20-foot drop, then-- when that didn't kill it-- slitting its throat, then finally stoning the poor creature to death. The Animal Legal Defense Fund heard about it, got all over the case and asked for a criminal investigation.

"Research shows that if animal abusers are not appropriately penalized for their actions," wrote lawyer Pamela D. Frasch, director of the ALDF's anti-cruelty division, to the Boy Scouts of America national office, "they most likely will continue to commit abusive crimes in the future." The Boy Scouts national office apparently did squat about this. David Huckabee later made Eagle Scout.

The director of the Arkansas State Police at the time, John Bailey, told Newsweek he started to look into it, but that Huckabee's chief of staff and personal attorney "leaned on" him to drop the matter. He refused. A few months later, Huckabee fired him. The former FBI chief in Little Rock, one I.C. Smith, corroborates the state police executive's version. He told Newsweek Huckabee "without question, was making a conscious attempt to keep the state police from investigating his son."

Huckabee's response to all this is less than convincing. Again using CNN's "Larry King Show" as a forum, he said "categorically, that is absolutely not true. I never used my influence."

He told Newsweek the dog was "absolutely, I guess, emaciated" and tried to portray his son's actions as one big misunderstanding and either a mercy killing or almost a matter of self-defense. On CNN he said, "There was a dog that came in. It was mangy. It looked like it was going to attack. He was a staffer at the camp. They put the dog down. They didn't do a good job of talking to the leaders... there was no criminal activity."


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