Obama Wins SC by a Landslide

Update: With 96% of precincts reporting:

Obama: 55%
Clinton: 26%
Edwards: 18%

As a point of interest, RealClearPolitics' last rolling average of pre-vote SC polls (taken in the last five days) shook out like this:

Obama: 38.4%
Clinton: 26.8%
Edwards: 19.2%


Update: CNN released its exit poll.


Vote by sex:
Men (39%): Obama 55%, Clinton 23%, Edwards 22%
Women (61%): Obama 53%, Clinton 30%, Edwards 16%

Vote by age:
18-29 (13%): Obama 68%, Clinton 23%, Edwards 9%
30-44 (25%): Obama 62%, Clinton 23%, Edwards 15%
45-59 (35%): Obama 55%, Clinton 26%, Edwards 18%
60+ (27%): Obama 37%, Clinton 35%, Edwards 27%

Vote by race and age:
Black, 18-29 (8%): Obama 79%, Clinton 19%, Edwards 2%
Black, 30-44 (16%): Obama 83%, Clinton 16%, Edwards 2%
Black, 45-59 (19%): Obama 80%, Clinton 17%, Edwards 2%
Black, 60+ (9%): Obama 75%, Clinton 21%, Edwards 2%
Non-Black, 18-29 (5%): Obama 52%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 20%
Non-Black, 30-44 (9%): Obama 25%, Clinton 35%, Edwards 39%
Non-Black, 45-59 (16%): Obama 25%, Clinton 38%, Edwards 38%
Non-Black, 60+ (17%): Obama 15%, Clinton 42%, Edwards 40%

CNN's Rebecca Sinderbrand:
The candidate with the greatest white male support was the white man on the ballot. The candidate with the greatest support from white women was the white woman in the race. And black voters overwhelmingly voted for the African-American presidential contender.
But that doesn’t mean a person’s gender or race was a reliable predictor of how they would cast their vote. John Edwards didn’t capture a majority of the white male vote, winning the support of 43 percent of that demographic. And Hillary Clinton didn’t capture a majority of the support from white women, winning 44 percent of their votes.
Barack Obama, however, captured an absolute majority of the black male vote, 82 percent. And despite speculation that black women might be torn between Obama and Hillary Clinton, 79 percent of them voted for the Illinois senator.
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