Fox News Gone Wild: Attempts to Sabotage Ron Paul Campaign, Ambush Obama

Fox News is out of control and funny as hell. They edit Ron Paul out of the picture, and they send in Big Old Bill O'Reilly to personally atack a campaign staffer of Barack Obama. I'm thinking Fox News needs to bring out the big guns again, but I recommend Bill O'Reilly carry his loofah this time.

Hey, if they can't sway a candidate, if they can't get them to show up for interviews, they'll resort to physical intimidation, or even "rub them out." FoxNews intends on being a "playa" in this year's elections, by whatever means.

It's already been written about how Democrats will not attend a Fox News sponsored debate. I've no problem with that. As a Democrat, I would also refuse to attend a debate run by TASS or La Monde. I would want the debate sponsored by an entity that respects American values, such as inviting all the candidates to attend the debate, including Ron Paul. But Fox News has a thing about Ron Paul. They don't just stop at refusing to invite him to participate in a debate, even though Paul is the biggest money-raiser in the race this last quarter. Fox News is even editing Ron Paul's name out of Associated Press stories. Yeah, they erased Ron Paul, tried to rub him out! Fox News figures if they don't include Ron Paul, then he'll go away, but Ron Paul just nearly beat a nine year old in a poll, so he's serious, at least as much as any other Republican candidate!

Fox News debuted its new strategy for covering the Democratic primaries yesterday, when it sent its head goon, Bill O'Reilly to intimidate those working for Barack Obama. In typical O'Reilly thuggish style, he poshed and shoved an Obama staffer, reportedly sprinking his speech with obscenities. The incident is being reported by the Associated Press, with video by

No one ever accused Bill O'Reilly of being a wilting flower.
So when the Fox News Channel commentator and interviewer appeared midway through a Barack Obama rally at a Nashua high school Saturday, his presence was evident. Tall, with camera crew in tow, O'Reilly marched forward to get a good look.
Journalists have been known to seek the best angle.
But it was after Obama's speech that O'Reilly threw some elbows. And not so figuratively either.

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