Bill O'Reilly Wants Criticizing Fox News to Be Deemed a Hate Crime

Election '08

Bill O'Reilly is whining about how the Presidential campaign might get violent, forgetting that he started the shoving in NH against an Obama staffer. O'Reilly's real concern is that people hate him and FauxNews. Listen, Billy Boy, it won't get better until you recognize that the First Amendment demands you take responsibility for your speech.

Forget that FauxNews is so conservative that they do not agree that any people in this country should be treated as a special class, nor that "special rights" in the form of hate crime bills should be considered. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Bill O'Reilly is calling for special consideration for FauxNews reporters because of several incidents recently, incidents CAUSED BY FauxNews reporters. I'm thinking the First Amendment let's FauxNews talking heads say what they want, it is now their responsibility to live with how the people decide to react to them. From Bill O'Reilly's column (NSFL):

There is a chance that before this presidential election year is over, somebody is going to get hurt. Knowing that partisan hostility is boiling over in America, the Secret Service is tense because the candidates are exposed when they campaign in public. Hatred is definitely in the air, and the media is partially to blame.
The enormous success of the Fox News Channel has created a bitterness unprecedented in the American press. CNN has been dethroned as the cable news leader and NBC News, which runs two cable outlets, is far behind both Fox News and CNN in the ratings. Some estimates have Fox News making six times as much money as MSNBC. General Electric, which owns NBC, has seen its stock price remain stagnant for the past six years, a humbling fact for the corporate giant.
OK, the delusions here are a bit extreme. Let's parse for a minute. Bill O'Reilly is warning that there's going to be some violence in the election. He's not talking about red staters taking off after blue staters, or vice versa. He's not talking about an attempted assassination, though in the wake of Benazir Bhutto there's been talk out there, ergo the increase in Secret Service protection for Barack Obama. No, I suspect Bill O'Reilly has no problem with violence or ugliness, except when directed at FauxNews. Who's to blame? Why it's the media, of course. They're envious, according to Bill, of the FauxNews successes. Blame a jealous media for the impending violence, then. Bill O'Reilly seems to forgotten that HE'S A MEMBER OF THE MEDIA!

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