Ten Biggest Health Stories of 2007

Personal Health
From criminal health care to outrageous diet plans, these are AlterNet's most-read health stories of the year.

10. Even Republicans Hate Our Health Care System
By David Moberg, In These Times
Our health care system has gotten so bad that even Republicans acknowledge that it's broken -- so what's the best way to deal with it?

9. Are You One of the Shrinking Americans?
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet
Junk food diets and shoddy healthcare are making Americans shorter than Western Europeans.

8. I'll Have My Cosmetics with a Side of Infertility, Please
By Heather Gehlert, AlterNet
Author Stacy Malkan reveals the dangerous truth about everyday products we put in our hair and on our skin.

7. The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products
By Vanja Petrovic, AlterNet
Investigative journalist Mark Schapiro discusses why companies that manufacture hazard-free products for the European Union often produce toxin-filled versions of the same items for America and developing countries.

6. Private Health Insurance Is Not the Answer
By Phil Mattera, Corporate Research Project
Why are we keeping a hopeless, for-profit health insurance system alive?

5. The Stone Age Diet: Why I Eat Like a Caveman
By Jimmy Lee Shreeve, Independent UK
Desperate to lose weight, one person found that only one diet did the trick: that of Paleolithic man. Bring on the meat.

4. Controversial Michael Moore Flick 'Sicko' Will Compare U.S. Health Care With Cuba's
By Don Hazen, AlterNet
Moore's new film, debuting in Cannes this May, tackles the failures of the U.S. health care system and includes a segment where 9/11 rescue workers visit Cuba for treatment they couldn't get in America.

3. The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body
By Courtney E. Martin, AlterNet
Thinness and beauty are prerequisites for perfection, which to today's young women appears to be the only road to happiness. Under that logic, women's bodies have become places where that drive for perfection -- however self-destructive -- gets played out.

2. You Call Yourself a Progressive -- But You Still Eat Meat?
By Kathy Freston, AlterNet
Eating a plant-based diet is an easy, cheap way to end animal cruelty and clean up the environment. Why, then, are so many progressives still clinging to their chicken nuggets?

1. Michael Moore Rips Wolf Blitzer on CNN: "Why Don't You Tell the American People the Truth" [VIDEO]
By Adam Howard
Michael Moore slams Blitzer and CNN for their lies about universal health care and his film "Sicko."

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