Fox Attacks Decency With Bill O'Reilly Leading the Way [VIDEO]

This post, written by Cliff Schecter, originally appeared on Fox Attacks

Most of you are aware, and most likely have been for a while, that under the guise of "news" Fox has offered its viewers a steady stream of bias pertaining to social and political issues since its inception in 1996. From attacking Black America to pushing for war with Iran, from demonizing bloggers to distorting environmental issues, theirs is quite a record of achievement in propagating propaganda that is neither fair nor balanced.

Today we have a surprise (well at least it surprised all of us at BNF). Thanks to the terrific work of the News Hounds, we bring you Fox and ole' Billy O'Reilly attacking decency. Yes, you read that right. The self-righteous, pompous, bloviators who deign to lecture on how we should behave in our personal lives, are in fact exploiting women, pandering to the lowest common denominator and pushing smut out on the airwaves on a daily basis!

And this will definitely raise your hackles. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS! Yes, you read that right too. So watch the video and pass it along to as many on your email list as possible. We simply must let the FCC know we are mad as hell about having their smut in our homes and being forced to pay for it. And we're simply not going to take it anymore.

Here's more from ChrisH at the News Hounds:

Bill O'Reilly is sort of FOX's preacher, or the father figure who scolds and punishes the wayward, appealing to the viewers who yearn for the "Father Knows Best" days of yore when minorities knew their place, women stayed home in servitude, kids were seen and not heard, and a man's home was his castle. Yes, those were the days - if you weren't a minority, a woman, or a kid. Hence O'Reilly's popularity among older white males who blame their lost stature on teevee even as they're glued to it.

O'Reilly has a habit of lecturing about the decline of moral values, although he phrases it in the context of his book "Culture Warrior" and targets the "secular progressive" faction of society, who are allegedly out to abolish "traditional values." He routinely blasts Hollywood, television, the Internet, and the music industry for producing and selling media he considers harmful to the nation's moral fabric, scrupulously avoiding his owner's part in all these productions. (FOX Television retains high honors year after year for unsuitable programming, according to Brent Bozell's Family Television Council.)

He even asserted in "The State of the Union According to the Folks" that " Sixty-three percent believe the moral and ethical climate in America is declining. And it is. The Internet and an irresponsible media have hit traditional values hard."

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