Michelle Malkin, Leave the Sick and Injured Kids Alone!

This post, written by TRex, originally appeared on FireDogLake

Dear Michelle Malkin,

You know, Michelle, every time I think that you and your fellow travelers have hit rock bottom and that you can't possibly become any more loathsome and despicable, you find another trap door and gleefully sink to new depths. Who knew that the single greatest threat to Our Way of Life in This Great Country is actually sick and injured children? I applaud your courage in taking on this vile threat to America and to all Americans, and your fearlessness in gassing up your mini-van and going to snoop around the Frost family's property all on your own. Go, you intrepid little citizen journalist, go!

You know, I think that it will be quite the feather in your cap when someone in the Frost family becomes so overcome by the volcano of hatred and harassment you have helped to aim their way that they throw themselves off a building. You know, like your old target Denice Denton.

Maha from last summer:
David Weigel of Hit and Run says that UC-Santa Cruz Chancellor Denice Denton killed herself on June 24. Last April, Denton was a target of one of Michelle Malkin's hate campaigns. Malkin published Denton's address in this post because Denton had failed to expel students who had ignited Malkin's wrath. To be fair, this article indicates Denton had drawn fire from people other than Malkin.
Now, I know you like to make a lot of noise about how Denton's suicide wasn't your fault, but I can't imagine that having threats of violence and death from your readers pouring in through her phone, fax, and email can have not affected her decision to plunge to her death from a 40-story building. Imagine the pressure of having all those Tim McVeigh Stormfront types calling you up 24 hours a day to whisper to you about their assault rifle with the laser scope and how they will be watching your every move and waiting for an opportunity to get a clear shot at your head.

But hey, I know, that's how y'all roll, you and your Freeper wannabes, not to mention the unhinged intimidation campaigns of guys like Patterico, Jeff Goldstein, and Joshie Trevino, who also enjoy publishing the private contact information of their ideological opponents. What's with you people, anyway? Why are you so eager to sic your mouth-breathing, inbred, sheet-wearing, gun-humping toadies on us, anyway? What are you so afraid that we will say that you must send your idiotic minions to harass and intimidate us into silence?

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