Ron Paul: "All We're Doing In Iraq Is Saving Face"

This post, written by Joe Sudbay, originally appeared on AMERICABlog

Yes, the Republicans are debating again tonight -- on Fox News. Ugh. They are in New Hampshire at the University of New Hampshire (my alma mater, btw). Remember, there won't be a Democratic debate on Fox.

We'll liveblog as painful as it is...although the Republicans are usually good for a few laughs.

The candidates at the debate are going to be in a snit because Fred Thompson just announced on Leno that he's running.

If anyone says anything particularly inane, I'll try to get the video.

9:02 PM: The head of the New Hampshire Republican Party just thanked Fox for teaming up with them on this debate. Teaming up? Fox is the Republican Party channel.

9:04 PM: Brit Hume opens the festivities by asking about Fred Thompson - who blew off the debate for Leno. Gives them all a chance to take a whack at Thompson. McCain makes an age joke, yuk...and tell Fred "get out in the arena." Mitt is just laughing at his own stupid joke. God, he's annoying. Rudy thinks Fred did a pretty good job playing his part on Law & Order. What a bunch of clowns.

9:09 PM Wallace to Romney for challenging Giuliani on couldn't even find the illegals on your front lawn. According to Mitt, Rudy's the reason we went from 3 million illegals to 12 million. Rudy also gets a question about "illegals." These Republicans are such immigrant bashers. When McCain gets an immigration question, he says American people have lost trust in us...because of Katrina. (When McCain says "us" he surely means the GOP, because they've failed at everything.)

They all keep mentioning keeping the borders secure...Huckabee said the government has ignored borders. Again, that mean the Bush administration has failed to keep our borders secure. Still.

Of course, Tancredo loves getting the immigrant bashing question. His whole campaign is based on immigrant bashing. Sounds like the GOP crowd in Durham loves the bashing, too.

Hunter gets a "viewer" question about building the border fence. He said he built the fence in San Diego...built the fence himself the way he makes it sound. And, Hunter takes a swipe at CNN.

9:20 PM...Carl Cameron even has a "man on the street" immigrant basher, too. Wow. Fox is leaving no immigrant bashing opportunity tonight. This clearly is the biggest issue for the GOP...over twenty minutes already. Mitt HATES AMNESTY and sanctuary cities. Got it?

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