Fonda Should Apologize for Gutter Name Call of Hillary

Last June actress and inveterate antiwar activist Jane Fonda soared to the top of a club that boasts millions of charter members. It's the hate Hillary Clinton club. Fonda called Clinton a "ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina." The big, crude, tasteless dig at Hillary wallows in the name calling gutter. The most hardline, shrill bash-Hillary Christian fundamentalists haven't stooped that low in name calling. And they've said and continue to say some pretty nasty things about her.

Fonda's quote has been picked up and run with by a legion of conservative website yakkers and bloggers. They have virtually made Fonda a perverse kind of heroine. Her silly broadside loaded up their ammo bandolier and they are firing away at Clinton. The sudden Fonda conservative love fest has stood politics and personalities on its head because Fonda for decades has bordered on being a virtual anti-Christ to many ultra-right conservatives. But Fonda's quote (not her) was redeeming and again tells much about the near clinical Hillary Hatred that those that style themselves progressives and even liberal Democrats froth with.

At last count there were more than 17,000 websites devoted solely to gabbing about, or more accurately knocking Hillary, and though most are put up jobs by conservative political hit groups, a handful of them are by liberal and progressive bloggers. They take much giddy delight in pounding Hillary. The comments so-called progressive respondents make to any and every Hillary piece (including those of this writer) that try to take even a hint of a balanced look at Hillary and her candidacy make the digs at Clinton on arch conservative sites such as Newsmax and Townhall pale in comparison.

Even Elizabeth Edwards couldn't resist tossing her two cents into the Hillary distaste ring when she claimed that Hillary hatred could ruin the Democrat's bid for the White House.

Clinton's sins are A. She initially backed the Iraq war and has refused to apologize for it ala Edwards or claimed ala Obama that he was a closet anti-Bush, anti-war guy all along; B. She is a clubby good ole girl, deal-making, centrist, Democrat who doesn't shout loudly enough about feminism; C. Is anointed by the big money, Democratic Party shot callers; and D. Is married to womanizer, Bill.

A few weeks after the Fonda salvo and a week before the Edward's Clinton hit, polls showed that she was the runaway choice as the most disliked of the big gun candidates. The only two constituent groups that give Clinton anything that faintly resembles unconditional love are black women and Latino voters.

But among other voters, polarization is still the watchword with Hillary. A recent Post-ABC poll found that those who liked her dead heated with those who didn't. (49 to 48 percent). But if the black and Latino respondents were taken out of the poll the dislike of her among whites would have been crushing. And that's not solely among conservatives. That includes a lot of liberals and progressives too.

The anybody but Hillary mania is also driven by two other things. One is named Obama. The other is named Edwards. Liberal Democrats and progressives rhapsodize that they are for gutsier, visionary, progressive, and far less likely to wheel and deal in high Washington and corporate circles than Hillary.

Edwards maybe, and that's a maybe only because he has been willing to stick his neck out and relentlessly beat up on Bush, the GOP and DLC leaning Democrats for not saying and doing more on labor and poverty issues. If Edwards got the nomination, it would be interesting to see how hard he kept pushing the populist envelope when confronted with the very real chance of bagging the White House. That would mean having to appeal to a big swatch of independents in the South and the heartland, and it would mean getting the bucks and the backing of those same DLC Democrats that he has savaged.

The ancient political truism for White House aspirants would kick in with a vengeance with Edwards. That's run to the right or left when you're on the outside looking in, flee to the middle when you're on the inside and want to win. As for Obama, there's little in his track record in the Illinois legislator, the U.S. Senate, or his mostly obscured from public view dealing with the big wig Democrat and corporate money changers to indicate that he's the populist/radical that many fantasize that he is.

Fonda's enmity toward Clinton certainly won't, nor is it really designed to, help her candidacy. In fact, it's designed to torpedo it. If Fonda is to be taken at her vindictive worst about her, and Hillary as expected gets the Democratic nod, then the logical meaning of her rap is that she'd rather see a Giuliani or even a Romney in the White House than Hillary. After all they aren't ventriloquists for chauvinistic males and they don't have vaginas. Let's hope Jane hasn't gone that far off the deep end. If she has she owes Hillary an apology.


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