Don Imus' Replacement Mocks Asians, Turns In Undocumented Immigrants

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Apparently, CBS learned absolutely nothing from the fallout of the Don Imus "nappy headed ho's" incident. They've announced that they'll be officially replacing Imus with Craig Carton, a New Jersey based "shock jock" infamous for mocking Asians and Latinos, "outing" politicians he presumes are gay, and turning in undocumented immigrants. Lovely...

Diversity Inc. reports:

Ratings are exactly why CBS hired Carton. He most recently offended Latinos when he and co-host Ray Rossi started a listener-participation game called Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha. The game encouraged people to turn in friends, neighbors and "anyone suspicious" to immigration authorities. Assemblyman Wilfredo Caraballo of Newark, N.J., called the campaign a "publicity stunt" that could potentially incite violence against Latinos.
"Our country is at war right now, and it's very important that we protect our kids, and one of the ways you can protect them is to not let undocumented immigrants into this country," said Carton, according to the blog
To insult Asian Americans, Carton mocked Asian-American speech patterns by using a sing-song accent when referring to Jun Choi, a Korean American running for Edison mayor in 2005. Later, Carton said of Asian Americans, "I don't like the fact that they crowd the ... blackjack tables in Atlantic City with their little chain smoking and little pocket protectors ...There should be Asian-only rooms in casinos."
Carton also offended women who had postpartum depression in 2006 when then Gov. Richard Codey's wife revealed she had the disorder. Codey's wife said that during her darkest times, she had considered placing her baby in a microwave, according to
"What Gov. Codey ought to do is approve the use of medical marijuana so women can have a joint and relax instead of putting their babies in a microwave," said Carton, according to "Then all they want to do is cook Doritos. Women who claim they suffer from this postpartum depression ... they must be crazy in the first place."
Carton also took pride in outing gay and lesbian politicians. Not to expose some sort of hypocrisy (Larry Craig) but so they "could not be bribed because of their hidden orientation." What a public servant he is!

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