Will Anyone Stop Bush and Cheney's Planned War With Iran?

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This post, written by Scarecrow, originally appeared on FireDogLake

I think Glenn Greenwald is right that the Bush/Cheney regime is about to start an aggressive war against Iran. And I agree that the Democrats have foolishly paved the way for this to happen.

We can't say we weren't warned. They've been telling us for years they want regime change in Iran. They've told us that Iran poses a nuclear threat in the Middle East. They've told us over and over that it is not acceptable to allow Iran's government to have its own nuclear program. They have put out one provocative and often exaggerated story after another about Iran's nuclear intentions or its capabilities, while ignoring or stepping all over stories from the International Atomic Energy Agency that countered their propaganda or described Iran's efforts to be cooperative. They've told us that they would not rule out military strikes against Iran while they've dragged their feet when pursuing any of the half-hearted efforts at a diplomatic/negotiated alternative to war. And they've told us it is not acceptable to leave this decision to the next Administration.

In the last few weeks, they've ratcheted up the inflammatory rhetoric against Iran. Dick Cheney was recently quoted as saying that military strikes against Iran are warranted. Bush has been telling our military in Iraq to pursue Iranians inside Iraq, so our military leaders have been dutifully rounding up Iranians, even diplomatic guests invited by the Iraqi government. This week they arrested Iranian energy officials who had been invited to help restore Iraq's electricity system. One provocation after another.

Now Bush has described the Iranian regime as posing the threat of a "nuclear holocaust." Not just a "mushroom cloud." This time, it's a nuclear holocaust -- terms reserved for the most heinous of crimes and the most despicable of enemies. No sane government engages in such inflammatory rhetoric. But where is the dissent? Where is the outcry?

Throughout this inexorable march to war, the Democratic Congress has done worse than nothing. They've voted for resolutions condemning Iran without having the factual basis for knowing what Iran is doing or intends, relying only on neocon and Administration propaganda. They'd listened to dishonest and crazed warmongers like Joe Lieberman, for heaven's sake. They've voted for resolutions that would support regime change, but they've refused to pass resolutions or amendments that would require the Administration to seek new authorization to start a war with Iran. Most of our Democratic Presidential candidates -- Kucinich and Gravel excepted -- have pretended to be "serious" people by refusing to rule out military strikes against Iran, even nuclear strikes. These are not serious positions; they are seriously irresponsible.

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