Giuliani's Health Care Plan Will Make You Sick

This post, written by Howie Klein, originally appeared on Down With Tyranny!

I speak with Democratic congressmembers and candidates every week. When I asked them what their constituents back in their districts are telling them what's important in the '08 election not a single one has failed to mention health care. Americans are very worked up over it, although millionaires... less so. Giuliani only knows millionaires, although he's heard there's some restiveness about the health care thing and that Michael Moore did some kind of Commie movie about it. Yesterday morning's NY Times lays out what should be the obituary for Giuliani's absurd attempt to perpetuate Bushism in the White House.

Hillary, Edwards and Obama couldn't have asked for a better present-- nor, could the American people. Giuliani is clear: he doesn't have any idea-- not a clue-- about the depths of despair the health care system is causing in this country. And, obviously, he has no idea how to approach it outside of tired, worn-out, right-wing slogans. The contrast with what he's pushing and what each of the Democrats has proposed sounds like its geared to raise money from Big Pharma lobbyists. It won't win any votes though.

In a shameful partisan speech in New Hampshire "he excoriated Democrats for advocating a 'socialist' solution to solving the problem of the nation's 44.8 million uninsured, saying the party's candidates encouraged a 'nanny government' by proposing a greater government role in health care."
Mr. Giuliani's vision stands in stark contrast to the plans offered by the leading Democratic candidates. Both Senator Barack Obama of Illinois and former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina have proposed bolstering the employer-based system by requiring corporations to buy insurance for their workers, and raising taxes or rolling back tax cuts to increase subsidies for health care for the poor.
The decision by Mr. Giuliani to address health care so early in the campaign season is a recognition of the resonance the issue has among voters.
Using explicitly partisan language, perhaps intended to stir memories of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's failed bid to reform health care as first lady more than a decade ago, Mr. Giuliani cited horror stories and selective statistics about health care in foreign countries that provide universal coverage. Mr. Giuliani said that a "socialist" model would bankrupt the government.

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