Chickenhawk O'Reilly Calls Nine-Year Military Veteran "Anti-Military"

This post, written by Steve Young, originally appeared on The Huffington Post

He wanted to rip the Seattle-Post Intelligencer and one of their columnist's stand on military recruiters on campus. He massaged it into his regular harangue on the far left and their (owned by conservatives) liberal media wanting the U.S. to lose in Iraq asking, "does anyone think these intense Bush-haters would be glad to see the tide turn in Iraq." He was even able to integrate our honorable soldiers into the mix so that he could cross-pollinate the issue into a hating of our troops themselves, with...

"How on earth could you root against our troops." That's when he decided to take one of those troops and root against him.

I realize that many of the elderly viewers of Bill O'Reilly are veterans and wonder how many of them watched as nine-year service veteran (including thirteen months with Operation Iraqi Freedom), Geoffrey Millard, a member of Iraqi Veterans Against The War, was undeservedly skewered on Wednesday night's O'Reilly Factor.

Bill supplied his typical interruptive, have you stopped beating your wife - give me a yes or no answer - interview style. Normally it's just obnoxious. Wednesday night it was wholly contemptible.

Trying to nail Millard as a troop hater, Bill ended his final, long-winded set-up by asking if this veteran would be disappointed if everything turned around in Iraq and it became a full-fledged, battling-alongside-us-against-the-terrorsits democracy. Each time Millard tried to answer by saying the loaded question needed something more than a yes or no, Bill would interrupt...

"You're sounding like an anti-military person."

Millard would try again.

Millard: "I don't think disappointment comes into..."

O'Reilly: "You do want to hurt the military."

And when an incredulous Millard tried to point out that he was, in fact, a nine year veteran, Bill cut him off, not with a "thank you for your service," but with a dismissive, "Alright. Fine."

This to a war veteran; a man who fought in a war so carelessly entered; a man who served and won the right to speak out against that same war, treated with such a shameful display disdain by this punk of a bully.


If you are a veteran or know anyone who ever served, you had to be have been nauseated. If you were also a fan of O'Reilly's, in the least, you must have been disheartened by your hero.

But this would not be the first time that Fox's hit man has belied his troop supporting facade.

Like when he came late to the table on the Administration attempt to cut Veteran Administration benefits.

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