Who Will Be the Next Republican Caught With Their Pants Down?

This post, written by Howie Klein, originally appeared on Down With Tyranny!

David Vitter is still hiding under his bed and refusing to talk to anyone.

One of the prostitutes he's hired-- not for a quickie but for a three year stretch of infidelity-- told about the sweet relationship they had, although it did cause her to break up with her boyfriend. But she did say that she sometimes worried about Vitter's grotesque hypocrisy, even if he didn't. "Yow characterized the senator as a good man but said she was perturbed that he portrayed himself as a politician who would bring moral authority to his office when he was using her services on the side." Basically Vitter would like to say the pass he got from God for his transgressions regarding the DC Madam was a pass that covers all his decades of philandering with prostitutes everywhere. And, in case that isn't admissible in a court of law, he also points out that he had no ownership or managerial role in the Canal Street whore house he was frequenting. Oh, ok-- I guess that makes him eligible to still run Giuliani's campaign in the South.

Yesterday we mentioned that the North Carolina Republican lunatic who ran around his office with his pecker in his hand, chasing some poor legislative assistant while screaming she should perform fellatio on him had the decency to resign after just a week of prodding from fellow wingnuts who were embarrassed that his hypocrisy as a good Republican family man would rub off on their images as well.

But what North Carolina Republicans figured out was good for David Almond is apparently not what Florida's Republican Party loons have worked out in regard to their own wayward maniac, Rep. Bob Allen, a situation that is further complicated by the fact that he is the co-chairman of John "Gay Sweaters" McCain's Florida presidential campaign. The short version: McCain's man in Florida was soliciting sex from males in a public toilet-- a very very Republican activity; just ask Idaho Senator Larry Craig) when he wound up stalking a plain clothes policeman and offering him $20 in return for sucking on the law official's member. He was arrested and booked and is now saying he is innocent. PageOneQ has all the sordid details-- and they are sordid-- and a photocopy of the arrest documents.

On top of the gay sweaters incident Bob Allen's circus is proving to be a horrifying embarrassment to the little that is left of a John McCain campaign. Allen says he will not resign and that this whole incident is "ugly."
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