Should Al Gore Lead the Impeachment Movement?

This post, written by Jeffrey Feldman, originally appeared on Frameshop

TO: Former Vice President Al Gore
RE: Impeachment of the U.S. President and Vice President

Dear Sir:

I write, today, to invite you to become the leader of the rapidly growing, national discussion on impeachment-- specifically, the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

For some time now, there has been a sizable interest amongst the American people to see articles of impeachment brought against the current administration, in particular for its repeated and calculated acts of subverting vast sections of our constitution. In the wake of the recent commutation of I. Lewis Libby's jail sentence by President Bush, this interest in impeachment has burst into a groundswell--albeit a movement without a visible leader. With your experience, integrity and skill, I believe you are the best person to step in and lead this discussion, guide this process to a meaningful end for the good of nation.

Many in this country believe that the decision to go to war is the most grave a government is called to make. I disagree. In a system of government forged of our common faith in the balance of powers, the decision of the legislative branch to declare the leadership of the executive branch in criminal violation of the law--and then to act on that declaration by passing articles of impeachment--that is the most grave decision of all.

Despite the seriousness of this act, the last time articles of impeachment were brought against a sitting president, the process was little more than a transparent attempt to embarrass a party--a political ploy.

Now, with our armed forces held hostage by a floundering foreign policy in Iraq and the courts made a mockery by an abuse of clemency power worthy of the Watergate scandal, Americans are in need of a serious leadership on the issue of impeachment.

My choice to invite you to take up this role is neither arbitrary nor dispassionate. I believe very deeply in the constitutional process that guides, and girds, America's system of government, as well as American identity. And I believe that bringing articles of impeachment against the current administration is not only a reasonable act, but it is well our moral obligation as citizens. But I am just one person with one voice, and in the current reality of our national politics, most lone voices dissipate before they are heard.

While you may be one citizen, your voice has proven its ability to endure.

One example of how powerful your voice has become can be found in a speech you delivered on 'Restoring the Rule of Law' (January 16, 2006). Americans of every political stripe have read that speech over and over again and found in it the precise description of the crisis we face--a crisis that goes far beyond George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and cuts to the core principles of the United States:

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