Molly Ivins AlterNet Archive

Molly Ivins's death on January 31, 2007 was a very sad moment and a major loss for AlterNet and the progressive community. The Texas Observer dedicated a tribute issue to Ivins, and Arianna Huffington
and Amy Goodman were among the many who wrote touching farewells to one of the greatest progressive journalists and opinion writers in American history. The following is the archive of Molly Ivins's superb collection of columns and articles published on AlterNet.

Stand Up Against the "Surge"
We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders and we need to raise hell.
Posted on Jan 12, 2007

Now They're All For Bipartisanship
Apparently, the people of this country did not elect liberals to Congress last week. Nope, they elected populists!
Posted on Nov 15, 2006
Post-Election Etiquette
The Democrats won this election because we are involved in a disastrous war. We know how to do this: Declare victory, and go home.
Posted on Nov 9, 2006
Campaign '06: Goodbye and Good Riddance
Congress stands before us so hopelessly corrupt that the stench has washed all over the country.
Posted on Nov 7, 2006
GOP Ineptitude and Advice for Dems
Victory looks likely; prepare for not gloating.
Posted on Oct 31, 2006
Rush Limbaugh's Sleaze Campaign
For misinformation and cruelty, not to mention plain bad manners, it is so hard to beat Rush Limbaugh.
Posted on Oct 26, 2006
Bush's Economy 'Doing Remarkably Well'
For those of us who aren't rich, however, incomes are stagnant while healthcare and education costs skyrocket.
Posted on Oct 24, 2006
Election Day Still a Long Way Off
I'm not close to calling this election, and I'm sure not into celebrating anything yet.
Posted on Oct 19, 2006
Iraq War: Despair is Not an Option
The administration has released three pages of the 30-page report. We may see the rest of it, but not 'til post-election.
Posted on Oct 17, 2006
Our Dear Leaders
Belligerent Mr. Bush has stirred up a hornet's nest in North Korea.
Posted on Oct 12, 2006
The Not-So-Great Texas Gubernatorial Debate
Democrat Chris Bell looked and sounded like the only candidate who won't embarrass the state.
Posted on Oct 10, 2006
Why the Torture Bill Matters
The detainee bill now in the Senate throws out legal and moral restraints as the president deems necessary; basic principles of decency and law.
Posted on Sep 28, 2006
Noshing on the News
Stealing money from little kids' reading programs? What's that about?
Posted on Sep 26, 2006
A Tortured Debate
Bush's problem is that despite repeated warnings, he went ahead with 'the program' without waiting for Congress to provide a fig leaf of legality.
Posted on Sep 22, 2006
The Presidential Three-Year-Old
...Or the worst press conference in history.
Posted on Sep 21, 2006
Remembering Ann Richards
The recently deceased former Texas governor was a great reformer and staunch liberal in the reddest of states.
Posted on Sep 15, 2006
Cow Whisperers Against the War
What I learned from women peace activists: spill love and calm and reassurance and, well, peace all over them.
Posted on Aug 29, 2006
The New 'Activist' Judges
Somehow, activist judges are held responsible for gay marriage, Roe v. Wade and everything else Americans disagree about.
Posted on Aug 24, 2006
Truth-Telling Gone Wild
The Bushies are having the hardest time trying to un-lie.
Posted on Aug 22, 2006
Indiana: The New Terrorist Target?
The Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument might merit a little more attention than the Wabash Cannonball.
Posted on Aug 17, 2006
Stunned, Scared and Silent
The Bush administration's reliance on scare tactics -- to beat Americans into stunned submission -- is becoming outright laughable.
Posted on Aug 15, 2006
No Guts, No Grace
I'm starting to feel like Casey Stengel looking at the early Mets: 'Doesn't anybody here know how to play this game?'
Posted on Aug 3, 2006
Media Coverage Doesn't Cut It
By the time Chapter 9,271 of the conflicts in the Middle East had gotten its own logo, everyone knew it was huge.
Posted on Jul 27, 2006
Bill Moyers for President
Can Moyers win? No, but he can show the Democrats what political courage looks like.
Posted on Jul 25, 2006
Capitalism's Suicide
Hedge funds are investment pools for the rich -- and they're causing serious harm to our country's economy.
Posted on Jul 18, 2006
The Politics of American Greed
Anyone who doesn't think this is a country where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer needs to check the numbers.
Posted on Jul 11, 2006
More Immigrant Bashing on the Way
House Republicans know a good, divisive election-year issue when they see one.
Posted on Jul 6, 2006
N. Korea and the 'Anti-Missile Missile'
If you think the "military standoff" with North Korea sounds silly, wait'll you hear about the diplomatic maneuvering.
Posted on Jun 30, 2006
An Epic Week of Cutting and Running
In the middle of the GOP's weeklong festival of referring to Dems as the party of 'retreat,' they abruptly announced their own cut'n'run program.
Posted on Jun 28, 2006
Credit Where Credit is Due
By declaring the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a national monument -- which will help protect its marine life -- Bush has made at least one good decision lately.
Posted on Jun 22, 2006
Our Pathetic State of Government
Attention, scandal-ridden Republicans: if you are put in charge of government, the least you can do is run it well.
Posted on Jun 20, 2006
Does the World See Bush As a Moron?
Do you suppose the rest of the world just assumes George W. Bush is a moron when he goes overseas?
Posted on Jun 15, 2006
Iraq: A Grudge Worth Holding
Morale, my ass. It's time the antiwar side in this country started using a few threats of its own.
Posted on Jun 13, 2006
An About-Face on Iran
Why is Bush now full of reason, offering to have diplomatic talks with the very people he's been denouncing as beyond vile?
Posted on Jun 8, 2006
What Republicans Worry About
Republicans are concerned with gay marriage and the burden of the estate tax on the rich, while the rest of us question war, economy, environment and civilization.
Posted on Jun 6, 2006
Bush & Enron: The Takeover is Complete
I'll be damned if Enron's No. 1 show pony politician, George W. Bush, should be allowed to walk away from this.
Posted on May 31, 2006
GOP: Outsourcing Everything
The administration just keeps passing off its dirty work: the war in Iraq, the war on 'foreigners' -- and that ingenius 50-foot wall to keep them out.
Posted on May 23, 2006
Bush's Wreckage
The minimum we should expect of Bush in return for dropping the issue of impeachment (or not) is that he cease breaking the law.
Posted on May 18, 2006
Is Bush a Lunatic?
Insane immigration policies, a new $70 billion tax cut for the rich, and increasing ineptitude in Iraq all indicate that this administration has lost its marbles.
Posted on May 17, 2006

Rolling Over for Bush
The extent to which corporate power has taken over the country can't be exaggerated. Thankfully, a slew of young authors know this.
Posted on May 11, 2006

The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington
Who can pass up a scandal involving poker, hookers and the Watergate building?
Posted on May 9, 2006

Republicans Wake a Sleeping Giant
They decided to play the race card when they tackled the immigration issue. Now what?
Posted on May 4, 2006

The No-Reform Lobby Reform Bill
This weak 'reform' bill proves that the entire Congress is rotten with corruption, and Republicans are proud of not cleaning it up.
Posted on May 2, 2006

The Great Bush Reclassification Project
Why does the FBI want to go through a dead man's files and reclassify public information?
Posted on Apr 28, 2006

Israel Lobby Nutjobs on the Loose
The abuse heaped on two academics by America's Israel lobby only proves the point that we need an honest debate on the topic.
Posted on Apr 26, 2006

Flawed Justice
As Zacarias Moussaoui and Ken Skilling illustrate, the quality of justice in this country is deeply affected by how much you can pay for it.
Posted on Apr 20, 2006

Election-Year Investigations
There always seemed to be an FBI investigation of some sitting Democrat either announced or leaked to the press. Now it's Rove's turn.
Posted on Apr 19, 2006

More 'Huh?'-Inducing News
The 'mobile weapons labs' introduced by Bush as pre-war evidence of WMDs were not, in fact, mobile weapons labs. What?
Posted on Apr 18, 2006

The Latest White House Whopper
Bush's newest defense of his rush to war in Iraq is another doozy in a regular stream of lies and deception coming from the Oval Office.
Posted on Apr 14, 2006

Special Favors for Special Interests
In another example of Congress' corporate shilling, the House just repealed more than 200 food safety protections -- with nary a public hearing.
Posted on Apr 11, 2006

A Good Swift Kick
I never minded DeLay being a tough guy -- it was his syrupy claims to carry the banner for Christianity that I found offensive.
Posted on Apr 6, 2006

Global Warming: What, Me Worry?
For a profession that thrives on pushing the panic button, many journalists are remarkably ho-hum about global warming.
Posted on Apr 4, 2006

Immigration 101
Racists seem to think that illegal workers -- the hardest-working, poorest people in the US -- are getting away with something.
Posted on Mar 30, 2006

Pardoning the Pentagon
The Pentagon has investigated its own habit of paying people to lie -- and, lo and behold, it found itself not guilty.
Posted on Mar 28, 2006

The Slow Death of Newspapers
For some reason, publishers assume people will want to buy more newspapers if they have less news in them and are less useful to people.
Posted on Mar 23, 2006

Democracy: What A Concept
Finally, there's a dandy way to abolish the Electoral College and elect the president by popular vote.
Posted on Mar 22, 2006

So Far, No Good
As Rep. John Murtha put it, 'The only people who want us in Iraq are Iran and al-Qaida.'
Posted on Mar 16, 2006

Internationalist or Isolationist?
For a president who openly scoffed at the idea of nation-building, Bush is meddling an awful lot in other countries' affairs.
Posted on Mar 15, 2006

You Call This Progress?
Despite Rumsfeld's public rationalizing, Iraq is in a deep pile of poop.
Posted on Mar 9, 2006

Abortion Rights Go South
Who needs choice when South Dakota senator Bill Napoli is around to decide for us?
Posted on Mar 7, 2006

The Cost of Incompetence
The Bush administration's unique brand of ineptitude is both chilling and really, really expensive.
Posted on Mar 3, 2006

Bush's Corporate Contortionist Act
The Dubai ports controversy is only the latest example of how willing Republicans are to bend over backwards to fight for Big Business's right to make massive profits.
Posted on Mar 1, 2006

It's the Corporation, Stupid
The government is willing to outsource American jobs for the holy grail of free trade. Why is it surprising that national security is ditto?
Posted on Feb 23, 2006

Will Reform Follow Scandal?
Abramoff got indicted; but all we got was this lousy $20 gift ban.
Posted on Feb 21, 2006

Dick Cheney Goes Hunting
Of course the Cheney shooting was an accident, but it still helps illustrate the Bush administration's curiously shifting history on issues of blame and responsibility.
Posted on Feb 14, 2006

Impeachment: The Cure For Executive Excess
In politics, as in kindergarten, the all-important word is 'no.'
Posted on Feb 9, 2006

Those Republican Jokers
Apparently, the push for energy independence is just another Bush punchline.
Posted on Feb 8, 2006

Bush vs. Reality
A rebuttal to Bush's naive assertions that we're doing well in Iraq.
Posted on Feb 3, 2006

Lying About the State of the Union
As Bush officials keep more and more information from us, they are less and less accountable for what they do.
Posted on Jan 31, 2006

Time for a Pragmatic Approach
We have made a horrible mess of this 'war on terrorism' -- now how do we fix it?
Posted on Jan 25, 2006

Why Hillary Won't Save Us
If Democrats in Washington haven't got enough sense to own the issue of political reform, I give up on them entirely.
Posted on Jan 23, 2006

Time to Go Long
What matters here is not what the Republicans or the Democrats do -- it's what you do before November.
Posted on Jan 17, 2006

Making Incompetence a Reality
For sheer government incompetence, this administration sets new records daily.
Posted on Jan 12, 2006

Hang in, and Raise Hell
Corrupt politicians think we're morons. It's time to strike back -- with reform, not cheap cynicism.
Posted on Jan 11, 2006

Not Proud to Be an American
Abramoff and DeLay used nonprofit organizations to launder money and pay for high-flying perks. That's just Bad Taste.
Posted on Jan 10, 2006

Six Degrees of Osama bin Laden
So Bush unnecessarily breaks a law, then denounces anyone who discusses it as helping 'the enemy.'
Posted on Jan 5, 2006

Stupidity, Survived
The end of the year is occasion to pause in wonder that we have once again survived, even in the face of fresh heights of human stupidity.
Posted on Dec 31, 2005

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