FBI Investigates Alleged White Supremacist Death Threats From Former Washington Times Writer

Unification Church head Sun Myung Moon has been a deep-pocketed funder of Bush family members, and Moon largesse has backed world-ranging Moon empire affiliated groups ostensibly promoting World Peace and racial harmony. Meanwhile, Moon's questionably earned millions have also subsidized the Washington Times, a newspaper that is apparently not a real business given that it seems to have never turned a profit. Moon's expensive Washington D.C. megaphone also has a history tinged with what Max Blumenthal, writing for The Nation in October 2006, characterized as "racial animus" :

A nasty succession battle is now heating up at the paper, punctuated by allegations of racism, sexism and unprofessional conduct, that has implications far beyond its fractious newsroom. According to several reliable inside sources, Preston Moon, the youngest son of Korean Unification Church leader and Times financier Sun Myung Moon, has initiated a search committee to find a replacement for editor in chief Wesley Pruden--a replacement who is not Pruden's handpicked successor, managing editor Francis Coombs....
Preston Moon wants to wrest control of the paper from Pruden and Coombs, according to a Times senior staffer, in order to shift the paper away from their brand of conservatism, which is characterized by extreme racial animus and connections to nativist and neo-Confederate organizations.
Now, investigative Journalist John Gorenfeld shines more light on the Washington Times' dubious associations:
Quite a number of African-American community leaders have welcomed the Rev. Sun Myung Moon as a modern-day Martin Luther King, Jr. One commentator has called him a role model for black fatherhood, even hailing his mass weddings as an antidote to "the imagined lure of thug life."....

Then there the father's other work--pouring $3 billion since 1982 into the Washington Times, which has become a veritable employment agency for racist loons....

A former Times-man now reports that the man who is whipping up a racial harassment campaign against Leonard Pitts, Jr., syndicated columnist, is a good friend and likely soulmate of Times editors.

His name is Bill White and he enjoys wearing Nazi uniforms. He has written four pieces for the Times....
White runs the Web site Overthrow.com, whose members are now facing FBI investigation for having printed Pitts's street address and whipping up hatred....

Bill White also claims to know the wife of Times editor Francis Coombs through some of the same up-with-white-people conferences they attend. Mrs. Kester's contributions to the Times, comparing Mexican immigrants to filthy orc hordes have drawn the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center. She has reportedly told White that the paper's management won't let her attack Jews the way she wants.

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