And Now a Subpoena for Harriet Miers...

This post, written by Howie Klein, originally appeared on Down With Tyranny!

Why is everyone so surprised that last night's document dump from the White House included an e-mail showing one of Rove's twerpy assistants pissed off about Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty admitting that the White House had forced out a U.S. Attorney to make room for grubby GOP operative and Rove protege Tim Griffin. (Griffin-- now exposed and asked to leave the Department of Justice-- is currently doing grubby political ops for actor/lobbyist Fred Thompson.)
Then-White House political affairs director Sara Taylor spelled out her frustrations in a Feb. 16 e-mail to Kyle Sampson, then the chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.
... "Tim was put in a horrible position; hung out to dry w/ no heads up," Taylor lashed out in the e-mail, which was sent from a Republican Party account rather than from her White House e-mail address. "This is not good for his long-term career."

Why? Is there something too unsavory for Griffin about working as a lobbyist? Isn't that what all Republican trash does when they get caught doing things they shouldn't be doing? I'm sure he and Toensing and Bossie and Thompson will do some memorable things together-- and you can count on DWT to follow their misadventures closely.

In this morning's Washington Post Dan Eggan writes that Bush's gal Harriet Miers and a bunch of Rove thugs "were closely involved in crafting a public response to the uproar over the firing of a group of U.S. attorneys." He's so polite. He means they were orchestrating the coverup. Poor Harriet; she coulda been a contender. From a sure thing in the Supreme Court to a felon.
The new records provide a peek at the actions of the White House, which has repeatedly refused Democratic demands for records and sworn testimony related to the issue.
"These documents show that the White House played an integral role in the firings and their aftermath," said House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.). "This only underscores the need for White House cooperation with this investigation."
Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) added: "We need an end to the White House's stonewalling of our investigations so we can learn the truth."

Does it matter? The Senate Judiciary Committee is subpoenaing Taylor and the House Judiciary Committee is subpoenaing Miers. The White House announced that they will invoke executive privilege to prevent either from testifying about anything that happened inside the Regime while they were working there. So the question is... why not just subpoena Rove, who they were both taking orders for and who thought up the whole plan to begin with? I mean the most Congress will be able to do is hold someone in contempt of congress, so why not the most contemptible creature in the regime instead of these two order takers? Just askin'.

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