What If God Tells You Your Blender Is Evil?


More and more, Americans may be turning to magical reasoning, rather than logical and scientific thought, as a framework to navigate their daily lives. Evolution has long been under assault, and the construction of multiple "Creationist" theme parks around the country, depicting humans and dinosaurs in Edenic coexistence, hammers home the point ; magical explanations are big business, as if 70 million-odd books sold from Tim LaHaye's and Jerry Jenkin's "Left Behind" book series didn't make the point bluntly clear enough. But lately, new permutations of unreason have sprouted up to confront the view that we should first look to empirically based, causal explanations of our experience. Should we turn to prayer, rather than media reports, for information on defective consumer goods ?

Video shorts, of prominent Evangelical preacher Chuck Missler claiming to rebut the Theory of Evolution with a jar of peanut butter, and actor Kirk Cameron arguing that bananas were specifically fashioned by God to exactly fit the human hand, have proved popular to the Christian right and adherents of Evolution alike, though for different reasons. Now, in an audacious shove of the Overton Window of public thought well along towards magical explanation, a new video to be found on YouTube, and GodTube ( Tube for God ? God-In-A-Tube ? ) warns us of the danger inherent to ignoring that little voice in our heads warning us : "The new blender is evil" ; If that voice is from God, woe to those who pay it little heed !

As the Christian right has grown ever more media savvy, a new generation of young auteurs is springing up to advance the cultural and religious precepts they have been raised amidst, growing up in Christian right enclaves walled off from secular American culture and buttressed against a mainstream culture felt to be under the sway of Satan. That this portion of America has long been drifting towards views which could be termed "a-rational" can be gleaned from video clips found on the new YouTube for the American religious right, GodTube, where competently produced video shorts aggressively attack the presumption that modern life and the natural world are best explained and coped with via logic, and reason. Is the Theory of Evolution akin to a soggy computer moniter in a pond ? Does God broadcast consumer product warnings on defective blenders straight into the heads of pious Christian wives ? Whether those are rational suppositions or not GodTube, to adopt the quasi-immortal words of "Jean Luc-Piccard", makes it so.

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