Update: Advertising pub's fairly unbalanced FOX poll

Update at bottom....

AdAge advertises that you should "Be a Part of the News" and "VOTE IN THE 'AD AGE' WEEKLY ONLINE POLL"

Yes, let's! Let's go participate in this poll that accurately represents all sides of the debate illustrating absolutely no deference to the FOX CEO whose network has been repeatedly fellated by Crain Communications (AdAge's parent co.) pubs over the years for its media savvy...

Here's their writeup:

BACKGROUND: After former Sen. John Edwards, bowing to pressure from bloggers and activists, pulled out of a presidential primary debate scheduled to air on Fox News, the Democratic Party of Nevada seemed ready to stand firm and continue with the debate. But Fox Chairman-CEO Roger Ailes, in a public speech and in on-the-record interviews, hammered Mr. Edwards for being afraid of debate moderators, and said the presidential condidate [sic] was passing up a golden opportunity to speak directly to the Fox News audience. Mr. Ailes also and warned the party about playing favorites with media outlets. The Democratic Party then canceled the debate (though it claimed to do so because of a botched Barack Obama joke that Mr. Ailes made).
THIS WEEK'S POLL QUESTION: Was the Democratic Party right to cancel a debate on Fox News Channel?
VOTE & COMMENT for possible publication in next week's 'Advertising Age' at http://adage.com/poll?poll_id=60
I strongly suggest participating in that poll (free registration required) and letting these AdAge folk kindly know that their investment and advertising judgment may be good when it comes to dandruff products but this is media representation of humans who influence and make decisions about everything from war, peace, torture, poverty, racism, and sanctions to traffic lights, school standards etc.

Another way of looking at the situation is that the Democrats were finally convinced that legitimizing FOX News is a suicidal venture as FOX is not just a "different audience," it's an out and out propaganda network devoted to smearing progressive, liberal or Democratic ideas and cheerleading for Republican or neoconservative ones.

So by all means, "be a part of the news" and pass the link on to your friends, coworkers and family so they can be a part of the news as well...

This is more than just hindsight. The Congressional Black Caucus is still deliberating over a partnership with FOX for presidential debates. The battle over what will become "conventional wisdom" -- that this is either a smart and savvy decision by Democrats led by the most forward-thinking elements in the progressive world or catering to radical elements within the progressive world -- is likely to effect the CBC's decision.

After you're done voting in AdAge's poll, go HERE for info on the CBC's decision...

Update: The AdAge poll, as commenters have noted, is no longer there. We'll try to find out what happened...


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