Charles Krauthammer: Iraq was begging for it!

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This week, Charles Krauthammer returns to his favorite theme of late: Iraq -- it's all the fault of the bloody wogs.

Behold The Hammer's brilliant intellectual contortionism, as he absolves the U.S. of any and all responsibility for the carnage that's unfolded following our little war of choice …

This week the internecine warfare in Iraq, already bewildering -- Sunni vs. Shiite, Kurd vs. Arab, jihadist vs. infidel, with various Iranians, Syrians and assorted freelancers thrown into the maelstrom -- went bizarre. In one of the biggest battles of the war, Iraqi troops reinforced by Americans wiped out a heavily armed, well-entrenched millenarian Shiite sect preparing to take over Najaf, kill the moderate Shiite clergy (including Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani) and proclaim its leader the returned messiah.
The battle was a success -- 263 extremists killed, 502 captured.
Actually, that story's looking entirely bogus (which, rather than being "bizarre," is pretty much just par for the course). Dahr Jamail reports that the tale of wacky Shiite cultists clashing with mainstream Shiite pilgrims was a "lie," and that locals believe the "attack was launched by the central government of Baghdad to stifle growing Shia-Sunni unity in the area" -- we wouldn't want that. (Also check out Patrick Cockburn's account.) It looks like the "extremists" Krauthammer's so proud of having killed were just pilgrims -- locals. Jamail adds: "Much of the killing was done by U.S. and British warplanes."

It's a good thing that nothing that happens in Iraq is our fault.

Back to Krauthammer …

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