When the Obama train gains steam, the racists gear up...

A new smear website, whose name and URL I won't dignify with publicity, is running with a fairly professional-looking smear video against potential '08 candidate for president, Barack Obama.

Fox has already been burned by their attempted, and debunked, smear.

Now the further right is trying its hand.

Turns out the site is registered to one "Joe Novak," who's known, according to the Chicago Sun Times, as "Low Blow Joe" for his dirty tactics.

IF this is the same Joe Novak, that is. Though given the fact that this Novak runs Wherethemoneygoes.com and that the smear site includes a link of theirs may provide a clue...

Novak, as of August, 2006, worked for:

"Indianapolis insurance mogul J. Patrick Rooney, a right-wing ideologue who has poured millions into GOP causes, especially the so-called Health Savings Accounts, which theoretically would help Americans obtain affordable insurance, but in reality would benefit the healthy and wealthy at the expense of the sick and poor."
"Rooney is no friend of the Illinois Hospital Association, which has made bipartisan campaign donations to the tune of $615,000, including money to both Blagojevich and his Republican opponent Judy Baar Topinka."
Coincidentally, this latest smear campaign focuses inordinately on Obama's wife and her position in the health care industry.

Novak's benefactor Rooney also just happened to be one of the bigger funders behind the sickeningly racist GOP ads leading up the '06 elections. Here's one:
Michael: And if you make a little mistake with one of your ho’s, you’ll want to dispose of that problem toot sweet, no questions asked, right?
Dennis: Naw, that’s too cold. I don’t snuff my own seed …
Michael: Huh. Really? (pause) Well, maybe you do have a reason to vote Republican!
But let's be honest about what we're witnessing here: Terror in the hearts of the GOP and its fellow travelers.

And terror is something with which they're very intimate....

Joshua adds

Don't forget, J. Patrick Rooney is one of those pigment-challenged "black conservatives" I've had some fun with in the past.

Also, the battle between Obama and Fox News over that bogus Madrassah story continues.

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